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The new size promises a lot more performance for mountain bikes! The decisive effect: the greater tire volume makes a clearly reduced level of tire pressure possible. What does this bring in detail? Five answers from Carsten Zahn, our Marketing Director.

Carsten, where did the new size originate?

It began with the fatbikes. The bikes look cool, but their advantages
only come to the fore under extreme conditions such as on loose sand,
snow or mud. For normal bikers their weight is a disadvantage. But with the fatbike, it quickly became clear as to what you can achieve with a
big volume! This is why the best of both worlds – the classic MTB and
the fatbike – has been combined. 



Carsten Zahn (Marketing Director)

Has the new size resulted in genuine advantages?

To put it clearly, yes. The clearly bigger volume of the 27.5+ tires makes the mountain bike a lot better on all terrains and also improves the grip performance. Specifically, this means:

  • In comparison with a fatbike, the 27.5+ bike is much more agile due to the lower wheel weight.

  • Compared with a normal mountain bike you can ride with the thick plus tires with considerably less tire pressure than with normal MTB tires . Less pressure – that means more grip and control due to the considerably bigger contact surface. This means the bike has a fantastic grip on the surface even on technically challenging terrain, making the effect of the suspension clearly better.

  • Less experienced bikers in particular will love the 27.5+. This is because they will have the confidence to take on technically challenging courses which previously deterred them.  The tires weigh 700 grams and upwards. This means the wheels remain relatively light but the bike proceeds over rough trails much better.

What tires in the 27.5+ size are currently available through Schwalbe?

Nobby Nic and Rocket Ron. We are starting with both of these in a total of eight versions: 

  • There is the 2.8-inch width. These tires provide a sporty and agile riding feel which is something valued by experienced mountain bikers. Yet those who want to make maximum use all of the positive effects of the new size should go for the 3.0-inch tire width.

  • Nobby Nic is our most versatile tire and our most popular because it offers an optimum in grip and performance. With Nobby Nic, we adapted the profile dimension to the larger tire width, which means that the studs have also increased in size.

  • Our approach with Rocket Ron was different. It has been trimmed down to a very low weight and little rolling resistance and therefore has relatively small studs in the centre of the tread. This is exactly what we have maintained with the new thick plus version. It now has even more small studs and rolls very lightly on them. And for a tire which is so fat, weighing just 680 grams, it is also very light.

 What do you personally think of the 27.5+?

I am totally convinced of it! The tires  bring genuine performance, provide for safety and are simply great fun. The tires simply have everything that I missed out on with a standard fatbike.

Do you actually need a PROCORE system with the 27.5+?

The basic ideas of the 27.5+ and Procore aim to achieve the same effect: driving over rough terrain with less tire pressure! Both approaches have their advantages. The Procore system provides clearly superior snake bite protection and it can also be subsequently fitted to a bike. The large volume of the 27.5 + tires, however, results in beneficial rolling attributes. Our tip for achieving the ultimate: combining them both!


27.5 x 2.80 SnakeSkin, PaceStar, 860 g
27.5 x 2.80 SnakeSkin, TrailStar, 860 g
27.5 x 3.00 SnakeSkin, PaceStar, 910 g
27.5 x 3.00 SnakeSkin, TraliStar, 910 g

Nobby Nic


27.5 x 2.80 LiteSkin, PaceStar, 680 g
27.5 x 2.80 SnakeSkin, PaceStar, 785 g
27.5 x 3.00 LiteSkin, PaceStar, 720 g
27.5 x 3.00 SnakeSkin, PaceStar, 830 g

Rocket Ron


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