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A Schwalbe tube is 100 % recyclable. We can use the recycled butyl rubber in the production of new tubes without any loss of quality.



A Used tubes provide the raw material for the recycling process. In Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain, we are supporting this recovery process with a procedure which is both free of charge and easy to use for every bike retailer, and also for cyclists.


To reclaim the butyl rubber we have developed a special devulcanization process. Technically, the recycling process takes place directly at the point of recycling, in our factory in Indonesia. We have now been using this process to great success for several years.

80 % LESS


The energy balance is positive when all transport routes are included. Only one fifth of the energy is consumed compared to the production of the same amount of new butyl.



Today, around 20 percent of every new standard Schwalbe tube consists of recycled materials. At the same time, we are constantly working to further increase the proportion of recycled material without negatively affecting the quality of new tubes.

The Schwalbe tube recycling system was awarded the Eurobike Green Award 2015, the Green Concept Award 2020 and the German Sustainability Award 2021.

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