With our specially developed winter tires you are safe on the road in all weather conditions. Find your right tire now and always keep control of your bike

Critical Information about Studded Tires

Brand new studded tires must be ridden around 40km on asphalt roads without heavy acceleration and braking. This 'bed-in period' will ensure studs are fully set, after which, the studded tires can be used normally.

Additional things you should know about Studded Tires:

Are spikes forbidden?

In some countries, spikes are forbidden only for automotive vehicles, as they damage the roads. This does not apply to bicycles, and studded tires are legal to use.

Can you ride with spikes also on normal roads?

No problem at all. If, however, snow is rather seldom and the roads are mainly clear, the running noises could be irritating to some users.

Don't studded tires slip on dry roads?

No. The spikes dig themselves very well into normal asphalt roads. Even fast curves are unproblematic.

In my region, snow is seldom. How can I make good use of tires with spikes?

The best option is to fit the tires on a second bicycle. In the morning you decide which bicycle is suitable for the respective weather. On icy roads it is a great feeling to have full control on tires with spikes, even when the cars drive very slowly.

What width should i get?

First, users should always abide by the recommended tire size set by their frame manufacturer. 

That being said, winter cyclists find a narrower studded tire can cut through packed snow within reason.

Can studded tires work even in the deepest snow?

In deep snow the benefits of studded tires will be reduced. It is in these situations that cyclists should turn to higher volume tires so they sit on top of the snowpack (opposed to digging through). Here a high volume  Ice Spiker Pro or Al Mighty will out preform other studded tires.

How long is the service life of studs?

All Schwalbe spikes have a core made of extremely wear resistant carbide (tungsten carbide). With these spikes you can ride a few thousand kilometers. The fact that the corners are rounded by grinding and the spikes are pressed deeper into the material is normal.

Individual spikes got lost. Can they be replaced?

Yes, replacement spike kits incl. tools can be ordered from Schwalbe.

50 Tungsten cored steel spikes + 1 tool

5512.01 Set studs + tool

- compatible with all Schwalbe Steel and aluminum studs.  Tool includes 50 steel replacement studs.

TIRES SPIKES STEEL 50 pcs. in box
Steel based replacement studs.
Sold in boxes of 50.
Price is per stud.

5506.01 Steel studs (compatible with all Schwalbe studded tires)

-Original replacement part for Marathon Winter Plus, Winter, and wire-bead versions of Ice Spiker Pro.

TIRES SPIKES STEEL 50 pcs. in box
Tungsten Cored Aluminum based Replacement Studs
Comes in boxes of 50
Price is per stud

5508.01 Aluminum studs (compatible with all Schwalbe studded tires)

-Original replacement part for Al Mighty, and folding-bead versions of Ice Spiker Pro.


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