The new Wicked Will is a very versatile tire in our MTB range and combines grip, controllability and rolling efficiency like no other. 

With its semi ramped knobs and XC-scaled skid depth, the tire rolls astonishingly well while stable shoulder knobs and aggressive siping offer uncompromised trail performance. This makes Wicked Will the perfect companion for any Mountain bike.

Suited to its many possible applications, we offer Wicked Will in three different casing options: Super Race, Super Ground and Super Trail. This enables the rider to adopt Wicked Will to their specific situation.

If rolling efficiency, weight and suppleness is all you’re after, you should opt for Super Race.


If you’re an allrounder and want a versatile tire that tackles all conditions and will take you over the Alps and back, you should go for Super Ground.


If you want a fast-rolling rear tire with superior durability and puncture protection for dry conditions on your Trail or Enduro bike, Super Trail is the perfect choice for you.



Carl and Robert, what’s behind the new Wicked Will? Where did it come from and what was your incentive to develop such a tire? 

Carl: A few months ago, at the beginning of the development of Wicked Will, the online magazine Pinkbike started to establish the term “downcountry” to close the gap between trail bikes and cross country bikes. We’re sort of talking about downhill oriented CrossCountry fullys with their known characteristics: long, flat and fast, but at the same time easy to pedal up the mountain. 

Robert: Exactly. Bikes for cyclists who, for example, want to turn a fast lap in their lunch break, but do not want to pedal up the mountain with the Enduro bike to then have fun on the descent. This trend has also been recognized by the bike manufacturers and so now come gradually the appropriate bikes on the market, which can be moved very efficiently and offer a lot of downhill performance and fun.

So, you are also reacting to this development?

Robert: To be honest, we’ve been on the topic for a bit longer. Our idea to develop a MTB tire with maximum flexibility has been maturing in us for some time. A tire that is on the one hand fast enough for the racer and on the other hand offers enough traction for the agile downhill enthusiast, so to speak, the link between cross country and trail.

That sounds very versatile. How would you describe the tire’s characteristics exactly?

Carl: The tire is fast, but not as fast as a Cross-country tire. It’s aggressive, but not as aggressive as a trail tire. The Wicked Will combines the best features from both worlds.

The Wicked Will combines the best features from both worlds.
CARL Kämper
Product Manager MTB
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But what type of cyclist is the Wicked Will the choice for then? 

Carl: The tire is for the rider who wants to make little sacrifice in downhill performance so depends on grip and traction, but at the same time needs a fast tire with good rolling characteristics for uphill sections.
Concrete example: The Wicked Will is the ideal companion of an alpine crossing with many meters of altitude, where you do not want to torment yourself with rolling resistance but already want to really get fast on the descent. An Absolute All-purpose weapon.

Robert: Through the different carcass construction, in which the tire will be available, you can ideally adapt the tire to your personal needs. Super Race with the focus on high suppleness and low weight, Super Ground for the ideal mix of weight and puncture protection and Super Trail for high lateral stability and high puncture protection. 
The tire can be ridden, by the way, not only as a pair front and rear, but also in combination with other tires: so I can combine it with a stronger focus on the downhill as a fast rear tire with a more aggressive profile in front, such as a Nobby Nic or even a Magic Mary, or as a fast XC combination as a front tire with a Racing Ralph on the rear.
The Wicked Will therefore ranks between the Nobby Nic and the Racing Ralph? How does it differ technically from these models?

Carl: Wicked Will combines the tread depth of a cross-country tire with the block shapes and proportions of a trail or downhill tire. We get the maximum performance out of the shallow tread depth. The tread depth is as small as possible to improve the rolling characteristics and reduce the weight. The excellent rolling characteristics were particularly ensured by the center lugs with ramps on the leading edges. However, the ramps were also interrupted to give sufficient propulsion at the same time.

Robert: Semi-ramp knobs is the key word here. The block shape was designed to get aggressiveness into the tire and provide lateral grip. Aggressive siping means every millimeter on this tire is used for grip. Each lug has two sipes and the braking edge was extended. The shoulder lugs come from the downhill area. They provide long grip edges and give extremely good grip in the turn.Despite the traction generated by the profile, the tire rolls extremely low vibration and quiet. 
The tire scores in both worlds and impresses with a lot of technical know-how. It combines speed and grip in one tire and is the new all-rounder, making it a true “Unlimited Edition” (laughs).




I took the Wicked Will to three different riding locations. Big Mountain, natural Trails and man-made trails. It was super versatile and really handled all of those situations really well. 
On the big mountain stuff it was rocky, steep and stepped but I had traction and a lot of grip. On the natural stuff it was actually pretty muddy. It was very sloppy that day and I could really trust the tire thanks to its great braking edges and side knobs. And on the man-made stuff it held its own! Man, it‘s such a fast rolling tire. I must admit that I really feel I’ve got the ultimate Mountain bike tire.



Due to a cancelled race in Germany, we decided to create a track that was very similar to the World Cup Racing near Koblenz. During this workout I wanted to put the new Wicked Will through its paces. 
On this short ten minute lap I could really push me and my bike to the limit. And part of this comes down to the traction you have with the ground in the different terrain. 
I was impressed with its low rolling resistance and I was able to really get a sense of what this tire is capable of and I got comfortable on this tire option very quickly. I totally didn’t expect that from a trail tire.



I’ve been fast over the last few years. And I will never stop to be as fast as possible on my bike. For me riding Enduro Bike is the coolest way to train and shred. I really love aggressive and bold riding! 
Whether it’s downhill, uphill, dry or wet – the Wicked Will is limitless.

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