Level 4 RaceGuard

Puncture Protection Levels



Level 6 | SmartGuard

Most effective protection belt available for bicycle tires. A substantial, 5 mm thick layer of flexible, special india rubber offers durable protection. Works also for objects that lodge in the tread. Even a thumbtack won't harm it.


Level 5 | V-Guard

An extremely cut-resistant hightech fiber makes it possible to ensure even on very light tires an extraordinary high level of puncture resistance. In combination with SnakeSkin sidewall protection, we call it Double Defense Technology


Level 5 | PunctureGuard

The same safety, but affordable PunctureGuard is not as highly elastic.


Level 5 | GreenGuard

Same principle as the SmartGuard, but only about 3 mm thick. One-third of the highly elastic India rubber is made up of recycled latex products.


Level 4 | RaceGuard

Double layer of Nylon fabric. Good protection for light, sporty tires.


Level 3 | K-Guard

Our minimum standard for protection belts. This Guard has been proven for many years. It consists of natural rubber and is reinforced with KEVLAR® fibres. Together with the 50 EPI carcass all Active Line tires are well protected against punctures. KEVLAR® is a trademark of DuPont.

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