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Product Description

THE REVOLUTION FOR E-MTB’S. Our first real E-MTB specialist for All Mountain and Enduro. It allows uncompromising riding even uphill, takes fierce acceleration as well as allowing technical riding on trails. Its solid appearance comes from the stable blocks, more rubber and big widths.

  • Tread design inspired by Motocross with massive, stable studs in the center and the shoulder area for reliable riding behavior.
  • Concise V-Grooves in the center and side blocks for direct, precise steering characteristics.
  • Specially adjusted design for front and rear wheel use.


  • Reliable cornering grip paired with high braking traction.
  • Excellent transmission of steering corrections throughlong grip edges even when less weight is on the front wheel in ascents. The result: Understeer is more controllable.


  • Maximum propulsion and braking traction throughmassive blocks that transmit sufficient power to the ground, even on the steepest climbs.
  • Hard wearing thanks to large-volume center studs.

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Eddy Current Webspecial

ADDIX Compound

  • Size: ETRTO 65-622 (29x2.60 Inch)
  • Type: Folding
  • Compound: Addix Soft
  • Version: Super Gravity
  • Colour: Black
  • Seal: Tubeless
  • Weight: 1455 g
  • Pressure: 1.5-3.0 Bar (20-45 psi)
  • Maximum load: 115 kg
  • EPI: 67
  • E-Bike: E-50
  • Profile: HS497
  • Product number: 11653986.01
  • EAN: 4026495880992
  • Price: US$104.00


Evolution Line

Evolution Line

The very best possible. Highest grade materials. Latest technology.

Super Gravity

Super Gravity

Go where others dare not to venture . Where the rider and the trail demand everything from the material. Where the bikes have a lot of travel. Right there is the zone for tires with Super Gravity construction.



E-Bike tires with European ECE-R75 approval. Our recommendation for fast E-Bikes - S-Pedelecs with type approval, insurance, and motor assist over 25 km/h – for which a special tire approval is necessary.

Tubeless Technology

Tubeless Technology

For all ambitious sports cyclists Tubeless is the right choice. Only Tubeless achieves the best values in terms of:

ADDIX Soft Compound

ADDIX Soft Compound

ADDIX SOFT is a compound that bridges many disciplines. It’s just as at home in the Enduro and downhill world as it is in the demanding discipline of all-mountain and trail riding.

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