With every pedal stroke, we want to feel how easily our tires roll. In every corner, we want to feel the reliable grip that unites us with the pavement. We want the highest level of safety and reliability, so we can fully focus on our sport. This is exactly what we have been working on.. The result is the new Schwalbe Pro One. Available in a tubeless and a tube type version. Excitement from the first pedal stroke.


Souplesse, the lightness of road riding. It is achieved through intelligent technology of the new Schwalbe Pro One. For an unparalleled supple riding experience.

>Light, fast and safe. But what else are road cyclists looking for in a tire?<

Product manager, Peter Krischio's development team
posed this question at the beginning of the project.


During our intensive cooperation with top riders and junior athletes, we discovered that road racing cyclists seek a tire that not only suits high speeds and rolls easily, but also offers maximum suppleness or 'souplesse'. More >>


A totally new feel. Right from the start. The new Schwalbe Pro One is not just another development step from the status quo, but a completely new solution. In order to create a unique product, new avenues needed to be explored.

The Challenge

The goal was to develop a fast, light-weight and safe tire, with the additional feature of maximum souplesse. A tire which sets new benchmarks.

Compared to the current Pro One.


    Souplesse Carcass Construction

    The turn-up construction integrates Tubeless Easy technology in the most progressive way possible. This is what makes the tire so supple and comfortable. Riding this tire feels just like the velvety motion of a classic tubular tire.

    V-Guard Puncture Protection Belt

    The liner is made of a specifically developed high-tech polymer fibre that is also used for bullet-proof and anti-stab vests. It provides excellent protection from cuts and punctures, and at the same time, it is extremely light-weight. More >>

    Addix Race Compound

    Completely new formulation. Addix Race is a multi-compound made of the most innovative and highest quality proven polymers. More >>


    To ensure consistent high quality in our tires, we have put a strong emphasis on optimizing our manufacturing process. We have made large investments into innovative machinery and the training of our employees. More >>

    Fully Automated
    Compound Mixing Station

    The state of the art mixing station features real time computer controlled assurance of the correct mixture ratio. This guarantees a consistently high quality rubber mix.

    Tire Assembly Machines

    Tire assembly is still a job that requires human, manual labour and knowledge. New semi-automatic machines support our experienced and well trained specialists.

    Extruder Plant

    The innovative plant operates with extreme precision, ensuring an even thickness of tire tread. This effectively prevents variations in weight.

    From the first
    pedal stroke.

    Product Manager
    Peter Krischio and his team
    have worked intensively on
    on the new Schwalbe Pro One for several years.

    The Product Manager

    Product Manager Peter Krischio is Schwalbe'sroad tire specialist . Technical knowledge, many years of experience and, of course, his passion for road riding make him an expert.

    Peter, your Schwalbe Pro One has won many test awards during the past years. Why did you bother developing a new tire?

    If you don’t move forward, you go backwards. Our goal was to develop a tire that has similar riding characteristics to a tubular tire. Souplesse, the special feel on the bike that pros always ask for, was the focus of our efforts. So far, no folding tire had achieved this.

    How did you proceed?

    First, we questioned everything and determined that we would not achieve this goal by using conventional carcass construction. Therefore, we constructed an entirely new carcass.

    How successful was this?

    Creating souplesse was our goal. That’s what we achieved. To understand, or rather to experience what we mean, we recommend a test ride on the new Pro One.

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      Pro One Tubeless Easy
      High-End Road Tire

      > Creating Souplesse
      • Addix Race Multi Compound
      • only 245 g (25 mm version)
      • 13% lower rolling resistance
      • 22% more cornering grip
      • increased puncture protection
      • higher mileage
      • optimized aerodynamics
      • width adjusted to modern 19C-rims

      TLE-tires are specifically designed for Tubeless use without a tube, and therefore offer by far the best performance. Confusion is not possible: All Pro One road tires are clearly labelled as “TLE” or “TUBE ONLY” tires.

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        Pro One Tube Type
        For those who would rather ride with a tube.

        > Creating Souplesse
        • Addix Race Multi Compound
        • only 235 g (25 mm version)
        • 13% lower rolling resistance
        • 22% more cornering grip
        • 30% better puncture protection
        • higher mileage
        • optimized aerodynamics
        • width adjusted to modern 19C-rims

        A Tube type tire is specifically designed for use with a tube and may not be used Tubeless. Confusion is not possible: All Pro One road tires are clearly labelled as “TLE” or “TUBE ONLY” tires.

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        >The Tubeless tire rolls easily and saves my energy, which I can later use during the run to go even faster.<

        Patrick Lange, winner of the Ironman Hawaii 2018 in record time. Riding a prototype of the new Schwalbe Pro One TT Tubeless Easy.

        Pro One TT Tubeless Easy
        Lightest Tubeless tire
        in the world.

        The tire of choice for time trial cyclists and triathletes.

        > Creating Souplesse
        • Addix Race Single Compound
        • Lowest rolling resistance, another 21% lower
        • Lowest weight, only 205 g (25 mm version)
        • Constructed at the limit, for competition time trials and triathlon
        • optimized aerodynamics
        • width adjusted to modern 19C-rims

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