Off Road

Off Road

Nothing ever stays the same. Ride progressive with ProCore.

Bigger is better. This is especially true if you want to cycle in
deep snow or loose sand.

The new Mary is Magic!
The new profile is even more versatile and feels at home on any kind of Downhill trail.

Hans Dampf - Jack of ALL Trades

Amazing grip. Incredible control. Triple Star Compounds.
Ready for the ultimate trail ride.

The fastest gravity tire.
These is no better tire for low rolling resistance than Rock Razor

Tall blocks bite into soft and loose terrain. Large gaps provide the necessary self-cleaning and braking traction.

The MTB tire with the greatest range of applications. Touring and All Mountain riders love them.

The most puncture resistant MTB tire, ever. The SmartGuard layer made from highly elastic, special rubber is particularly strong. It offers permanent resistance to foreign bodies, such as glass shards, or flints.

Lightning fast with Thunder Burt.

The Big Apple for competition. Without a puncture protection
belt. Now with new tread design and also as a 29er!

Allrounder tire with protection!

Rocket blasts off to the next level.

Take a ride on the wild side!

The old Racing Ralph tread on a new mission. Rapid Rob is an attractive option for beginners in the Active Line.

We radically revised Racing Ralph for the third time - with PaceStar Compound and a completely modified profile.

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