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Marathon Plus tires for bikes and e-bikes.

Marathon Plus tires are the only tires in the world that can truly claim to be flat-less. This is thanks to their unique patented puncture protection belt. What’s more, they offer exceptional long life, dynamic rolling behavior and many more superior features. Marathon Plus tires are only available from Schwalbe.


Do you ride your bike mainly around town? Do you ride your bike cross-country or over off-road terrain? Do you need the highest level of puncture resistance for your bike? Whatever the demands, there is the right Schwalbe flat-less tire for you. And, if you ride an e-bike to get around, we have now developed Marathon E-Plus, the first Schwalbe flat-less tire designed specifically for e-bikes.

Marathon Plus

Marathon Plus

Schwalbe’s best-selling tire. Outstanding puncture protection combined with excellent rolling features.

Marathon E-Plus

Marathon E-Plus

The first flat-less tire designed for e-bikes. Perfectly adapted to high loads caused by heavy weight and elevated average speed.

Marathon Plus Tour

Marathon Plus TOUR

The Schwalbe flat-less tire with deep trekking tread. At home both on asphalt and off-road terrains.

Marathon MTB

Marathon Plus MTB

The Schwalbe flat-less tire with MTB tread. The central ribs roll effortlessly over paved road surfaces. The powerful outer lugs provide grip over rough terrain.

Superior features

Maximum puncture resistance, outstanding rolling behavior and long lifespan. The Schwalbe Marathon Plus tire is unbeatable thanks to the sum of its superior features.

Flat-less puncture protection

The Marathon Plus tire patented puncture protection belt is unique worldwide. It is super strong and manufactured from highly elastic special rubber. Even sharp tacks cannot puncture it.
The safest protection belt for bike tires and e-bike tires. Puncture protection level 7.



The ultra effective protection belt with 5 mm highly elastic, special rubber.

Puncture protection proven a thousand times over for Marathon Plus, Marathon Plus Tour and Marathon Plus MTB.

Smart DualGuard

Smart DualGuard

The safest puncture protection designed for the demands of e-bikes. 4 mm thick SmartGuard special rubber (1), combined with 2 RaceGuard fabric layers (2).

The newly developed puncture protection for Marathon E-Plus e-bike tires.

Long lifespan

Weather conditions and low air pressure can lead to early aging of bike tires. This is the reason we have developed an anti-aging technology: it prevents ugly cracks in the tire sidewalls.

At the same time, Marathon Plus and Marathon Plus Tour live up to their name thanks to their rubber compound: the endurance compound cruises smoothly for thousands of miles with outstanding handling behavior and low abrasion. And, in the case of the specific high loads supported by e-bikes, Marathon E-Plus, with ADDIX-E compound, is especially suitable, offering maximum durability and grip.

Lebensdauer Lebensdauer

Outstanding rolling features

Thanks to the unique puncture protection, the weight of Marathon Plus tires is slightly higher, but rolling behavior remains excellent. Laboratory tests confirm what riders experience on their bikes: Marathon Plus tires roll significantly more smoothly than other tires with puncture protection belts of a similar thickness.

Tabelle Rollwiderstand Tabelle Rollwiderstand


The Marathon Plus tire puncture protection belt is extremely elastic – essential for flat-less protection and dynamic rolling. This high elasticity can only be achieved by using a special rubber, containing a high proportion of natural rubber.

Natural rubber is a valuable raw material. To conserve resources, we incorporate a portion of recycled natural rubber in our flat-less protection belts. This recycling process is very expensive – but we feel it’s worth it.

Recycelter Kautschuk

Flat-less for e-bikes

A flat tire on an e-bike is especially annoying because the repair is likely to cost more. At the same time, an e-bike makes special demands on a tire because it is significantly heavier due to the motor and battery pack and reaches higher average speeds.

All you need to know about demands on e-bike tires

Schwalbe’s answer to this tire challenge has been to develop Marathon Plus with Smart DualGuard: a tire whose flat-less puncture protection technology has been attuned to the specific demands of e-bikes. Marathon E-Plus brings riding safety, durability, smooth rolling, stability and longevity together in one tire.

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Good to know: All other Marathon Plus tires meet the high demands required for e-bike tires. And, not only for e-bikes with pedal assist up to 25 km/h. Marathon Plus, like Marathon Plus MTB, is certified in standard sizes with the European test mark ECE R75 for speed e-bikes up to 50 km/h.

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