An e-bike accelerates more strongly, goes round bends with greater force and is heavier. All this means that high-performance tires are essential to ensure safety and comfort.

The ENERGIZERs are our special tires for e-bikes

They meet this requirements profile exactly because they have considerably more grip! Precisely this is the crucial advantage for safety at high curve speeds and when braking.

A choice of two ENERGIZERs

Two ENERGIZERS are available, and as PLUS tires, both have the 3 mm GreenGuard puncture protection. In addition, the TOUR version has a strong trekking profile. Of course, both are also approved for fast e-bikes with pedal assistance of up to 50 km/h. They are now available in four diameters (inches: 20 / 26 / 27.5 / 28) and widths of between 32 and 47 millimeters. 

The DURANO E for sporty aspirations

The special tire DURANO E has all the characteristics of a racing bike tire. It begins at a tire width of 28 mm (only 335 g). Widths of 32 mm, 37 mm and a maximum width of 40 mm are also available. This widest DURANO E is even available as a 27.5 version. Of course, all of them are approved for fast e-bikes.

E-bikes on off-road terrain?

E-mountain bikes are currently fashionable. For this reason, the NOBBY NIC, our MTB tire which offers a great range of uses, is now also approved for fast e-bikes.

For e-mountain bikers who don't exclusively ride over rough terrain, we recommend our SMART SAM PLUS. This is because this proven and extremely popular allrounder has a strong profile, GreenGuard puncture protection, and nevertheless rolls very pleasantly on the road. 

Those who love our MARATHONS ...

can now cycle with them without limitation on e-bikes at up to 25 km/h. The standard sizes are also approved for fast e-bikes. In this context, due to their high level of puncture protection, the PLUS versions are always the best choice, since repairing a tire after a puncture is something of a bigger job with the e-bike.

Wide tires for the e-bike ...

are also available. Our recommendation for the e-balloon bike style: BIG APPLE and BIG BEN. For asphalt and easy terrain, the SUPER MOTO X is the correct choice. It is exclusively available in the new trend sizes of 27.5 and 27.5+

Most e-bikes have a pedal assistance of up to 25 km/h. The specialist term for this type of e-bike is the pedelec. We recommend all of the tires which we have designated with E-Bike Ready 25 km/h for the pedelec.

So-called "fast e-bikes" have a pedal assistance of up to 50 km/h. The owners of these e-Bikes have to have auto insurance coverage and they have to be equipped with tires which satisfy a standard which is valid throughout Europe. This standard is certified by the official ECE-R75 mark of conformity.

Schwalbe not only offers the ECE-R75 tires in the standard sizes such as 26 and 28 inches, it also offers them in 20, 24, 27.5 and 29 inches. The selection ranges from the 28 mm, narrow DURANO E, to the 70 mm, wide SUPER MOTO-X. No other manufacturer offers so many different tires for fast e-bikes.

Overview: All tire models and tire sizes with the ECE-R75 mark of conformity for fast e-bikes Bikes


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