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Schwalbe Pro One TLE HS 493


Creating “souplesse”. Tubeless Easy high-end road bike tire. Combining “souplesse”, speed and control at the highest level. The best road bike tire Schwalbe has ever developed. With the latest Souplesse Carcass construction that integrates Tubeless Easy technology in the most progressive way. Pro One is the benchmark for Tubeless road bike tires, because no other tire provides the rider with as much control and safety as the Pro One. The riding characteristic is similar to the smooth behavior of a classic tubular tire. And it's fast. The integrated Tubeless Easy technology and the new ADDIX Race Compound are an unbeatable combination for maximum speed. At the same time, the Pro One remains controllable at all times - on the fastest descents, in extreme cornering, in all conditions. In addition to the high protection level of the TLE technology, the high-tech fabric V-Guard protects against cuts and punctures.

 The TLE tire is specially made for tubeless use and thus offers the very best performance.

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Creating Souplesse

NEW 2020
Rolling Road Grip Off-Road Grip Protection Durability
Tubeless Easy
Tubeless Easy
Art.No. Size Performance Compound Colour Price Expander
11653951 28-406 (20 x 1.10) Microskin, TLE Addix Race Black $81.00
11653950 28-559 (26 x 1.10) Microskin, TLE Addix Race Black $81.00
11601076 28-559 (26 x 1.10) V-Guard, TLE OneStar Black $81.00
11654084 25-584 (650 x 25B) V-Guard, TLE Addix Race Black $81.00
11654085 28-584 (650 x 28B) V-Guard, TLE Addix Race Black $81.00
11653974 25-622 (700 x 25C) V-Guard, TLE Addix Race Black $81.00
11653975 28-622 (700 x 28C) V-Guard, TLE Addix Race Black $81.00
11653976 30-622 (700 x 30C) V-Guard, TLE Addix Race Black $81.00
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