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Schwalbe One HT

Jens Voigt in the Schwalbe laboratory is convinced by the security of tubeless tires:

"I am very satisfied with the performance of Schwalbe tires. I've never experienced such wet adhesion, such great cornering with traditional, hand-sewn tubular tires in the past. And I'm thrilled with Schwalbe's persistence and the way the company is putting its heart and soul into constantly improving these racing tires!"



To achieve extremely low rolling resistance, a completely new compound, the OneStar Triple Compound was developed. In recent years there have been strong developments in compounding which have made these kinds of rubber compounds possible. The new triple compound is based on special polymers that have only recently become available.

As a result Schwalbe has achieved a great improvement in the familiar trade-off between rolling resistance, wet grip and durability. The One Star Triple Compound is not only faster; it also delivers the usual good grip and is more cut resistant than previous compounds. This makes the tire significantly more puncture resistant.


Version / Size
Folding tire 23-622 25-622 28-622  
Tubeless 23-622 25-622 28-622  
Tubular 22-622 24-622 26-622 28-622
Handmade Tubular
Art.No. Size Performance Compound Colour Price Expander
11100734 22-622 (700 x 22C) Handmade Tubular OneStar Black $120.00 $50.00
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