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Item 16E. For bicylce tires in 28" inch (ETRTO 28/35-622).

For road riding with tubes, the Aerothan tube is the first choice. It offers low rolling resistance with dynamic, smooth riding characteristics. Compared to butyl tubes, a total weight reduction of 100 g may be achieved for the entire bike. Aerothan Tube Race offers not only reliable puncture protection, but also safety when descending a mountain: Even when several emergency brakes are applied with rim brakes in short sequence, one can count on its heat resistance capacities.

Aerothan tubes consist of 100% thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), including the valve, and are therefore fully recyclable.

More information

28-622 28 x 1.10 700 x 28C
30-622 28 x 1.20 700 x 30C
32-622 28 x 1.25 700 x 32C
33-622 28 x 1.30 700 x 33C
34-622 28 x 1.30 700 x 34C
35-622 28 x 1.35 700 x 35C
  • Item: 16E
  • Valve Type: SV - Presta
  • Valve length: 40 mm
  • Excecution: Aerothan
  • Type: TPU
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Product number: 10400423
  • EAN: 4026495814041
  • Price: US$31.92

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