The Super 5 MTB Constructions 

Five new tire designs that change everything. 
100% tailored to their respective application. 
Clearly differentiated by their easy to define names, the Super 5 MTB casings from Schwalbe are intended to optimize the riders experience.

"We have analyzed each construction on the basis of its individual scope and spent countless hours of development and tests to optimize them down to the last detail. 
This is how ground-breaking tire constructions emerge which fulfill the most diverse requirements."

- Product Manager MTB Carl Kämper. 

Super Race - Speed with Souplesse

No other disciplines focus so much on rolling resistance and weight as cross country and marathon racing. In addition, the Super Race construction sets standards in suppleness – no other carcass rolls as silky over the ground and brings traction galore. The turn-up construction is characterized by its light-weight mix of materials – with two carcass plies and RaceGuard puncture protection underneath the tread as well as three carcass plies on the side wall for protection from cuts and snakebites.

Super Ground - Always in a flow state

These tires feel right on any terrain, on flow trails as well as on long tours. The construction guarantees a well concerted synthesis of protection, light-weight and optimal riding properties. Three carcass plies underneath the entire tread and SnakeSkin fabric running from bead to bead ensure a fine-tuned ratio of safety and weight.

Super Trail - The multi-talent

Almost as versatile as a multi-functional tool: Super Trail suits rides ranging from intense all-mountain to trail and enduro. The robust construction – two carcass plies on the side wall, three plies underneath the tread – combines moderate weight with low rolling resistance, immense cornering grip and puncture protection. SnakeSkin fabric from bead to bead and an apex layer for extra protection and cornering support.

Super Gravity - Robust as well as smooth

Areas feared by some, where riders and terrain challenge the product to the limit, where forks have lots of travel – that’s the home of Super Gravity tires. An extremely robust construction with four carcass plies as well as SnakeSkin fabric from bead to bead protects the tread and sides that are subject to big impacts. Just like the Downhill version, a extended apex layer protects from pinch flats and ensures side wall stiffness. Yet, the tire stays exceptionally flexible due to the mixed turn-up construction (similar to our Super Race construction) ensuring a fast rolling and smooth ride.

Super Downhill - Stability with no compromise

For the most courageous and aggressive riding styles of those who won’t shy away from any jump, who will ride the steepest descents, and who will attempt any obstacle. Super Downhill, unlike any other construction, represents uncompromising stability and performance, developed for the Downhill World Cup. Six carcass plies protect the tread area and also adds stability when running very low tire pressures. The side walls are extremely well protected from cuts and punctures by a combination of four carcass plies and a SnakeSkin fabric layer. A newly constructed apex layer protects from pinch flats and increases side wall stiffness more effectively then a tire insert. 

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