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Road Tubeless is the hottest trend in the road tire market. Schwalbe has been at the forefront with its innovative Tubeless tires. Schwalbe’s expertise now comes packed into a Tubeless Wiki – with more than 50 specific tire-rim combinations, technical background knowledge and many tips about the tires handling.

Which tires and wheels work well together? What is important to know during installation? How is tire sealant best used? Answers to these and many more questions are provided by the new Tubeless Wiki. Here, Schwalbe shares comprehensive Tubeless expertise accumulated over ten years of development. It also includes many technical drawings and charts with more in-depth details as well as an installation video to show what “Tubeless Easy” is all about at Schwalbe.

The Schwalbe Pro One and Schwalbe One Road Tubeless models are compatible with 99 percent of wheels on the international market. Information on exactly which rims these are is now easily accessible online for all interested cyclists. “Our recommended tire-rim combinations ensure very high roll-off security. Additionally, they are easy to mount and inflate”, says Felix Schäfermeier, Schwalbe Junior Product Manager Race. “Especially for road bikes running high air pressure, it is important that Tubeless tires and wheels are a perfect match. Only then it is possible for cyclists to fully benefit from the system advantages: low rolling resistance, more comfort, grip and puncture protection”.

Breakthrough 2018: Sales jump and Ironman Hawaii Triumph on Schwalbe Tubeless

2018 was the year of Tubeless technology kicking off at full speed on the road: Sales of Schwalbe TL-Tires increased by 70 per cent in the German market. Internationally, these gains were even higher, such as in the USA or Australia.

As many as four top results in tests by leading national and international print and online magazines gave Schwalbe Tubeless Road tires additional tailwind. Patrick Lange, winner of the 2018 Ironman World Championships, also gained an advantage by choosing Tubeless during the event in Hawaii. He mounted Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless for the cycling portion of his triathlon. Long before the event, he had already switched to Tubeless as his first choice. Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless was also successful at the Ardenne Spring Classics: Kasia Niewiadoma from the German Canyon-SRAM Team took an impressive win at the Amstel Gold Ladies Race and put her trust in the 28mm version. “Many top triathletes and more than ten pro bike teams are already competing with Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless and are convinced of the system advantages, especially puncture protection and comfort”, says Felix Schäfermeier.

As a former pro himself, the Schwalbe developer was able to contribute his expertise to the Commission of the European Tire and Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO). He played a major role in the development of the “Road Tubeless Standard”. Schwalbe even goes beyond the standard: “In terms of safety, we are particularly concerned. Therefore, we test with increased tolerances. For example, we use 1.6-fold tire pressure compared to the maximum allowed tire pressure, while the standard only requires 1.1-fold.”

“With many years of experience in developing Tubeless tires we have gained an innovation advantage. Today, Schwalbe is the benchmark for Road Tubeless”, summarises Schäfermeier. Now, much of this knowledge is available to the public on the Tubeless Wiki: 


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