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Schwalbe’s first true cargo tire the Schwalbe Pick-Up, easily gets any load of up to 300 kg rolling – at the same time, it is stable, low-maintenance and durable. With its extremely robust carcass construction it meets the highest standards for performance and safety under extreme loads. Further advantages: the Schwalbe Pick-Up is Schwalbe’s second tire made of fair trade rubber.


As a packhorse for business, to taxi around the kids and collect the groceries or to cover the last mile to a customer with zero CO2 emissions, like some parcel delivery services have started doing. But these emission-free, small carriers set high standards in terms of material: With much higher weights, load bearing capacities and lateral forces compared to those of conventional bicycles, new tire constructions are needed! “The tires must remain stable and controllable, guarantee braking traction and grip, while offering high puncture protection and durability”, summarises Stefan Franken, Schwalbe Product Manager Tour and E-Bike Tires.

Stable and puncture resistant

Schwalbe’s double carcass construction with five layers laterally and six layers underneath the tread best meet these high standards, as proven in multiple tests using a great variety of different carcasses. “The carcass offers outstanding lateral protection from cuts and considerable stabilisation of the complete tire resulting in a high level of safety without risking the tire bulging under system loads of 200 to 300 kilograms”, explains Stefan Franken. Stefan places Schwalbe’s first real cargo bike tire at 6+ on Schwalbe’s puncture protection scale – Marathon Plus and Marathon E-Plus are the only tires with a slightly higher puncture protection level 7.

The Schwalbe Pick-Up tread rolls with the same versatility as the cargo bike – on pavement, gravel, and dirt tracks: Center blocks create a rib segment for easy rolling, while its strong diamond shoulder and transition blocks ensure safe cornering and braking traction on all surfaces. Also its compound is the first choice for all cargo bikes, with or without a motor: The special Addix-E-Compound provides extremely high grip under great loads to allow safe handling also in corners and wet weather conditions, and to transfer brake forces directly onto the ground. At the same time, it is highly durable and rolls easily.

Air pressure plays a key role

Air pressure plays a very important role with cargo bikes. “To allow a fully loaded bike to roll with ease and stability while maintaining ground traction in the front, also without loads, we have determined the perfect values as a result of long test rides, brake tests and slalom rides with all sorts of imaginable loads”, says Stefan Franken. (Recommendations for air pressure “For all bikes with a cargo area, Schwalbe Pick-Up, named after pick-up trucks with a cargo area, is the best selection on the market. Of course with ECE-R75 certification for all e-cargo bikes up to 25 and 50 km/h”, says Stefan Franken.

The Schwalbe Pick-Up also contributes to fair trade: Following the e-bike tire Marathon E-Plus, the specialist cargo tire is Schwalbe’s second tire whose natural rubber content completely originates from fair trade rubber. For this purpose, the tire specialist from Reichshof (Germany) joined Fair Rubber e. V., which is the only fair trade organisation that directly pays out member premiums to local small farm cooperatives without deductions. (

The new cargo bike tire Schwalbe Pick-Up is available at specialist bicycle retailers and costs US$50 - US$55. Available sizes: 55-406, 60-406, 55-559, 60-559, 60-584, 65-584. Further information:


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