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Tubeless technology of a new dimension: Schwalbe’s new Pro One will win you over from the first pedal stroke, with top values for speed, grip and safety. And the tire has even more to offer: Souplesse – easy rolling suppleness, that you can feel, but barely explain. The newly developed top road tire was developed from scratch and is available as Tubeless, TT and Tube Type versions.

"A tubeless tire with the feel of a tubular tire".

“A tubeless tire with the feel of a tubular tire.” That’s how Peter Krischio, Schwalbe Product Manager Race summarizes the new Pro One’s characteristics. The goal was to develop a fast, light-weight and safe tire, which at the same time offers maximum souplesse. A tire which quickly and accurately responds to a cyclist’s riding style and always provides sensitive feedback. In short: a “living” tire. In addition to the smooth riding experience of souplesse, there is another tangible advantage: The cyclist gets less fatigued and can achieve greater performance.

„In order to realize these characteristics, we have constructed a completely new carcass, optimized its compounds and further modernized many aspects of the manufacturing process. Therefore, the new Schwalbe Pro One is not a successor of the previous generation, but an entirely new concept”, says Peter Krischio.

Souplesse Carcass Construction: The new turn-up construction integrates Tubeless Easy technology in the most progressive way possible. Two carcass layers underneath the tread render the tire smooth, comfortable and puncture-resistant, while three lateral carcass layers ensure high cut-resistance. Riding this tire feels just like the velvety motion of a classic tubular tire.

V-Guard Puncture Protection: The belt is made of a specifically developed hi-tech polymer fiber that is also used for bullet-proof and stab-resistant vests. It provides excellent protection from cuts and punctures, and at the same time, it is extremely light-weight. Neither rolling resistance nor suppleness of the tire are compromised by the V-guard. A 14 mm wide belt protects the total tread area, and thus provides extra puncture protection.

Addix Race Compound with a completely new composition: Addix Race is a multi-compound made of the most innovative and highest quality polymers. As silica filler contents were increased significantly, the mixing process also had to be fine-tuned. Various specific blends are used for the centre and sides respectively. This increases the grip during cornering, without compromising rolling resistance or durability.

Manufacturing: In order to achieve consistently high quality, Schwalbe has invested, once more, in innovative machinery and staff training. The greatest precision and tightest production tolerances are essential for quick and easy tire installation, particularly with tubeless tires. The fully automated compound mixing station controls the mixing ratio in real time, while the new extruders ensure a consistent tread thickness, and thus, effectively prevent weight fluctuations. Tire assembly is still a job that requires highly skilled, manual labour. Experienced specialists work with new, semi-automated tire assembly machines.

The High-End Models: Three versions of the Pro One

The new, high-end Pro One road tires are available as Pro One Tubeless Easy, Pro One Tube Type and Pro One TT Tubeless Easy versions. Our new tubeless models can be mounted without tire levers or compressor, so just as easily as a tube type tire.

Pro One Tubeless Easy was specifically designed for use without a tube and offers by far the greatest performance level. Summary: Addix Race Multi Compound, 245 g (size 25 mm), 13% lower rolling resistance, 22% more cornering grip, increased puncture protection and higher mileage. All compared to the previous model:

Tube Type is the road tire for all those who would (still) rather ride with a tube. Its specifications: Addix Race Multi Compound, 235 g (size 25 mm), 13% lower rolling resistance, 22% more cornering grip, 30% increased puncture protection, higher mileage. Important: The Tube Type tire is specifically designed for use with a tube and may not be used tubeless.

Pro One TT Tubeless Easy: As the world’s lightest tubeless tire, it is the tire of choice for time trial cyclists and triathletes. With its Addix Race Single Compound, it is designed for time-trials and extreme triathlon. The tire weighs only 205 g (size 25 mm) and rolls 21% easier than Pro One Tubeless Easy. Patrick Lange rode a prototype of this tire to win the Ironman World Championship 2018 on Hawaii in record time.

The All-Rounder: Two new Schwalbe One Models

The all-round tire Schwalbe One also gets an upgrade for the 2020 season. And this summer, it already has won awards: Schwalbe entered them into tire tests performed by two major European road cycling magazines, TOUR (7/2019) and RoadBIKE (6/2019). Results: As double test winner, Schwalbe One held off its competitors in the category of high end tubeless tires!

The new One is based on the previous top model Pro One, which won all relevant 2018 tubeless tire tests (TOUR, RoadBIKE, RennRad). Now its rolling onto the market with the new versions One Tubeless Easy and Tube Type. Incorpoating the patented MicroSkin carcass construction, RaceGuard puncture protection and durable Addix Compound, both models are true all-round alternatives to their respective counter-parts of the top Pro One tire.



Product Manager Peter Krischio is Schwalbe’s road tire specialist . He is a fantastic asset for his technical knowledge, many years of experience and, of course, his passion for road riding.

Schwalbe Pro One won many tests in 2018. Why did you bother developing a new tire?

We wanted to develop a tire with similar riding characteristics compared to a tubular tire. Souplesse, the special feel on the bike that pros always ask for, was the focus of our efforts. So far, no folding tire has achieved this. Therefore, we started from scratch and developed a completely new tire.

Are we going to see more pros switching to Tubeless in future?

Yes, I am sure. In the age of disc brakes and electronic shifting, young, innovative pros riding for major teams such as Wallonie Bruxelles or the Women’s WorldTour Team Canyon SRAM no longer accept a hand-sewn tubular tire as state of the art. Tubeless tires are far ahead of tubular tires in terms of rolling resistance, grip and comfort. We are not talking about marginal differences, but improvements of up to 20 percent! On top of that, they have excellent fail-safe characteristics. The great benefits of the system are proven by a high level of acceptance in triathlon pro-sports, where every second counts.

The new Pro One can be installed like a tube type tire. How did you achieve that?

Our new tubeless road tires can be mounted without tire levers or compressor. Firstly, we have many years of experience with Tubeless in road racing and work hand in hand with rim and wheel manufacturers. We continually test the mounting characteristics and compatibility of our tires on their current tubeless wheels to optimize the production tolerances of our components. Secondly, we have developed a specific sealing lip for the tire bead. After mounting, the sealing lip clings to the rim flange and results in an air-tight closure between tire and rim. Tools are no longer required for mounting our tubeless tires, and only a floor pump is needed for inflation.


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