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The continued e-bike boom and the tailwind of a positive cycling climate allowed the bicycle tire manufacturer Schwalbe (Reichshof near Cologne, Germany) to generate EUR 206 million in record sales, a plus of about ten per cent compared to the previous year.


“The bicycle as a means of transportation has a great future ahead!” Current market trends are more promising than ever. In order to maintain these dynamics, which are coming straight from the cyclists themselves, the drive towards better bicycling infrastructure must continue at a similar pace”, says Frank Bohle, executive director of Ralf Bohle GmbH, the manufacturer of Schwalbe tires. It has been yet another exceptional year for the entire bicycle industry, when the Bohle Group increased sales to reach EUR 206 million, following EUR 187 million in the year before. Previously, the family enterprise from Reichshof, founded in 1922, recorded sharp growth beginning in 2009 at EUR 104 million. “Providing equipment for all cycling disciplines with safe, durable tires – for commuters, mountain bikers, professional road riders, e-bikers and bike travellers – this is what we at Schwalbe work on with passion and innovative strength”, says Frank Bohle. This includes the current Marathon E-Plus, which Schwalbe selected to offer the tried and proven “flatless” technology also specifically for e-bikes. Or the new Air Plus Tube which, thanks to its rubber mix of pure butyl rubber and thicker side walls, holds air much longer compared to conventional bike tubes.

Step by step towards sustainability

As a provider of zero emission mobility products, Schwalbe assumes additional responsibility to act sustainably as a company as well. Following the first, and so far only, tube recycling system on the market, the rubber mix Green Compound and puncture protection belt GreenGuard – always with recycled components or manufactured from sustainable raw materials – Schwalbe is switching its trade show display and then also its print products gradually towards production methods that are in accordance with the Cradle to Cradle principle and save resources. The biggest milestone on the way to a sustainable business will be the new company building at the end of 2020. Schwalbe has invested more than EUR 20 million into the new headquarters. This sets new standards for ecological building and a sustainable company philosophy. For example, the materials are, as much as possible, non-hazardous to health and recyclable once they reach the end of their life. Only non-toxic materials are used for the interior as well as the exterior. Other ecologically sound building components are the generation of electricity using solar cells, rainwater tanks, ceiling canvasses for temperature regulation, a healthy indoor climate and a green roof garden.

Schwalbe – fully tuned into bike tires and tubes

Ralf Bohle GmbH with its Schwalbe brand is the European market leader for bicycle tires and is also represented in approximately 70 countries via distribution partners. The family business was founded in 1922 in Bergneustadt. At Ralf Bohle GmbH over 160 staff members work in Reichshof and 60 at five subsidiaries in Europe and North America. In addition, there are 3,500 employees at the production sites in Indonesia and Vietnam, which are operated by long-term production partner Hung-A as a joint venture. Two major keys of success are the concentration of the product portfolio solely on bike and wheelchair tires as well as close cooperation with bicycle retailers.


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