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Schwalbe has released its new tubeless valves in stem lengths of 40, 60 and 100 millimeters. Fitting is also made easier with detailed technical improvements to the valve base.

Schwalbes new tubeless valves: The appropriate shaft length and technical details facilitate handling and installation

The new valve trio offers the right stem length for all common rim profiles. "Where previously a valve extension was necessary, there was also the possibility of air loss at the connection. This is prevented with the new valves, which are made of one piece," explains Johannes Binner from Schwalbe Marketing.

The other new details also simplify tubeless handling for MTB, road cyclists or touring riders. The Schwalbe developers increased the inner diameter at the valve base from 2.4 to 4 millimeters, so that air and sealing fluid can now flow much better through the valve. Additionally the risk of valve blockages caused by sealing fluid particles has been minimized.

Further advantages are offered by the Allen socket and the shorter cone: With an Allen key, the valve foot can be mounted more securely onto the rim without over tightening the foot. And with its shortened cone, the valve base sits even deeper in the valve hole. This reduces the installation height, gives more space in the rim for the tire beads – and makes assembly easier. The new, larger O-ring also ensures that the valve will adapt optimally to various rim contours, while damage to the rim is prevented by the valve nut. So a profiled spacer is no longer necessary.

"Until now, there has been some reluctance on the part of riders and specialist retailers to use tubeless technology. With our new tubeless valves, the handling and assembly of tubeless tires has become even easier," summarizes Johannes Binner.

Not only its technical features, but also its external appearance appeals: The high-quality and clever design of the valve fits perfectly with stylish, sporty bikes. Schwalbe's new tubeless valves will be available in bicycle stores from the end of July 2020 (size: 40/60/100mm).

Schwalbe’s Tubeless Wiki

"We have gained an innovation advantage through more than ten years of tubeless tire development. Today Schwalbe is the benchmark for tubeless systems," says Johannes Binner. Much of this knowledge is available in the Schwalbe Tubeless Wiki – with FAQs, technical drawings, helpful overviews and fitting video.


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