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Schwalbe’s new “Eddy Current” is the first MTB tire specifically developed for all mountain, enduro, and gravity e-MTBs. With radical technology and innovative scale sizing he transfers the e-power to the ground.


Schwalbe’s new Eddy Current is certainly whipping up a storm: It enables relentless uphill and downhill cycling, thrives on powerful acceleration, and makes the most of both technical and free-flowing trails. It’s all about pushing the possibilities to the limit while staying fully in control. “Bikes like these weigh 22 to 25 kilos and the torques involved, up to 75 Newton Meters, are almost as high as in motocross bikes. Due to the greater forces, we’ve borrowed from trial and motocross tires; things like the sturdy lugs, more rubber and greater widths,” sums up Carl Kämper, Schwalbe Junior Product Manager MTB Tires. “Added to this is a radical size concept with different wheel sizes on the front and back for maximum performance.”

Front 29 x 2.4 inch, back 27.5 x 2.8 inch is the ultimate stratagem. The large 29-inch front tire, Eddy Current Front, provides direct steering properties and easier roll-over than smaller tires. With its open tread and aggressive lug layout, Eddy Current not only brakes and accelerates energetically, it can also be precisely controlled. The additional power of the motor comes into play on the rear wheel. For this, the tire needs the appropriate attributes: it must grip deeply into the ground when braking and, even from a standing start on steep ascents, it must be able to convert the full power of the motor into propulsion. The large contact patch of the 2.8-inch wide Eddy Current Rear with its sturdy center blocks supplies the necessary traction. In Plus tire sizes, the Eddy Current possesses all the traction advantages built into all Schwalbe Plus sized tires.

Thanks to the sturdy shoulder knobs, it remains safely on track when cornering, thus enabling riders to explore their own limits to the fullest.

The conclusion: the two tire sizes combine their advantages to produce a cohesive overall concept. The visual differences in size are nearly unnoticeable. The larger outer diameter of the Plus tire on the back blends very well with the 29-inch front tire. There are some bikes that already use this size concept. Carl Kämper says, “In the future, we will also be bringing out a 27.5-inch front wheel tire and a 29-inch rear wheel tire.”

Sturdy blocks: The lugs are around 20 percent larger in comparison to the Magic Mary. The result is greater stability, more traction and longer service life. “Block squirming,” sideways bending of the block, is practically impossible which means that the tire is extremely responsive to the cyclist’s actions. The distinct grooves in the center block and the lateral lugs are also new. They intensify the properties of the blocks and assist propulsion and braking traction as well as steering control.

Addix Soft Compound: This compound provides the best overall package for Eddy Current. Rubber compound and tread work together perfectly. Excellent grip and optimum damping by the shoulder studs make the tire controllable while at the same time, the compound in the center rolls easily and has a long service life despite high torques.

Super gravity carcass: Schwalbe equips Eddy Current with its most sturdy carcass. Five layers of fabric on the tread and four on the side wall reliably protect against punctures and snake bites. These versions won’t let their riders down even on extreme descents. An Apex casing and the SnakeSkin side wall provide additional protection. The tire is also Tubeless Easy making set-up a breeze. The tread pattern is not directional, so it doesn’t matter which mounting direction you choose – a great relief in these Tubeless times.

For EUROBIKE, the German bicycle tire specialist not only launches the innovative Eddy Current, but also offers the new Energizer Plus and the road racing tire, Schwalbe E-One. These models represent the first complete e-bikes tire range with a product solution for all relevant segments.

With these new products, a new dedicated website (, and catalogue, Schwalbe is now placing a strong emphasis on e-power.

The new tires will be available in the specialist trade beginning fall 2018.


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