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With the Marathon E-Plus, riders can fully exploit the enormous potential of modern e-bikes. The e-bike tire from Schwalbe offers driving safety even at higher speeds and protects the battery with light running. Another plus: It is the first bike tire with fair trade rubber on the market.


Among Schwalbe's flat-less models, the Marathon E-Plus is the specialist for modern, high-performance e-bikes. Because the motorized bikes offer much more than a normal bike: they have decent power, are driven at higher speeds and are significantly heavier with motor and battery. And a flat tire is at least as annoying as on a conventional bike.

All this requires extremely robust, puncture-proof tires that still roll easily. For puncture protection, Schwalbe reinforced its patented SmartGuard protection insert with two high-strength fabric layers - thus the Dual SmartGuard was created. The finely tuned combination protects the Marathon E-Plus against sharp intruders and offers maximum safety at high speeds on long tours with puncture protection level 7. With this puncture protection belt is now also the e-bike flat-less.

The rubber compound and tread have also been specifically optimized for motorized driving. The compound guarantees the best grip at high speeds. It also ensures low rolling resistance and long durability. The versatile tread glides safely over the asphalt and also proves the necessary bite on park and gravel roads.

For this coherent design, the Marathon E-Plus received the Europe-wide ECE-R75 approval for high loads, permissible for all e-bikes, both for 25 and for 50 Km/h. (Price: 44.90 euros in bicycle shops).

For boom segment e-bike: First bicycle tire with fair trade rubber

The Marathon E-Plus is the first bicycle tire with fair trade rubber. "By deliberately starting with an e-bike tire, we are sending a strong signal that we are serious about switching to fair-trade rubber - because e-bikes are the fastest-growing bicycle segment worldwide. Other tire models with fair rubber will soon follow," says Frank Bohle, managing partner of Schwalbe. The company carefully selected its fair trade partner - the non-profit organization Fair Rubber e. V.: Schwalbe pays a premium on every kilo of rubber, which is used one-to-one to improve the living conditions of small rubber farmers - a unique premium model in the international fair trade business for rubber.

Schwalbe - all about bicycle tires and inner tubes With its Schwalbe brand, Ralf Bohle GmbH is Europe's market leader for bicycle tires and inner tubes. Founded in 1922, the family-owned company employs more than 180 people at its global logistics headquarters in Reichshof (NRW), plus 60 employees at five subsidiaries in Europe and North America.


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