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Schwalbe brings out its 13 MTB tires of the Evo-Line with a compound newly developed from scratch. The rubber compound called Addix solves the classic target conflict grip - rolling resistance - wear in a significantly wider range than ever before.


Improving grip and rolling resistance, durability and damping - these are the classic conflicting goals of tire technology. Improving one property always comes at the expense of another. A single compound can never provide the answer to everything. So it's always a matter of intelligent compromises with the aim of getting a little closer to perfection. To develop a completely new generation of rubber compounds, Schwalbe's technicians left no stone unturned - neither in the formulation, nor in the process, nor in the mixing technology. Under the leadership of chief developer Markus Hachmeyer, 30 employees have been working on the new formulations and processes since 2015. Each rubber compound consists of natural and synthetic rubbers - and a great many other solid and liquid ingredients, including carbon blacks, silica, silanes, oils, sulfur, antioxidants. "The quality of the raw materials helps determine whether a tire will be outstanding or just good. And there are countless options for selecting, combining and dosing them. That's why a good formulation needs highly specialized know-how, high-quality raw materials and many test series - and of course it's 'top secret,'" says Markus Hachmeyer. The formulations are one side of the coin. The other is the mixing process. Here, the possibilities of landing hits and making mistakes multiply. The interdependence of the parameters that define the physical and chemical process is extremely complex. And if just one of the parameters is changed, the result is completely different. So there are three things that have to work together perfectly for success: the recipes, the process, the technical equipment - and of course all three are trade secrets. 

"The most advanced mixing process in the bicycle tire industry". 

Addix compound in four variants 

To meet the specific requirements of cross country, all mountain, trail, enduro and downhill, Schwalbe launches four Addix compounds: 

Addix Speed, red identifier: for XC Race. Addix Speed really loves only one thing: Speed. For this it goes the rolling resistance again to the collar. It is lower than the previous PaceStar, at the same time Addix Speed is more durable and more resilient. 

Addix Speedgrip, blue marking: the universal compound for cross country, all mountain and trail. Therefore, there is a version of almost all Evo tires with Addix Speedgrip. The durability is 62 percent higher than the predecessor PaceStar, the grip increases by 35 percent. 

Addix Soft, orange marking: a compound for enduro and downhill as well as for demanding all-mountain and trail riding. It also shines in combinations. More speed: front Soft, rear Speedgrip. Or more damping: Ultra Soft in front, Soft in the back. It is significantly more durable than the previous TrailStar Compound. Tip: Addix soft is also ideal for E-MTBs. Here it fully plays its pronounced strengths in damping and grip - and due to the optimized cold properties even throughout the year! 

Addix Ultra Soft, purple identification: extremely soft compound for tough challenges in downhill and enduro. The outstanding damping has been improved again compared to the previous VertStar compound. At the same time, Addix Ultra Soft is suitable for year-round use due to the significantly improved cold properties, in terms of grip and damping. 

Does the new compound really make such a big difference? "Yes!" emphasizes Markus Hachmeyer. "All tests in the lab and in practice show: In the direct parameters just as much as in the complex properties, Addix performs significantly better than any other compound before it."

Schwalbe Evolution tires with Addix compounds are available immediately from specialist bicycle dealers.

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