Warranty Policy

Schwalbe Tires North America, Inc. (SNA) is a daughter company of Ralf Bohle GmbH, the owner and manufacturer of Schwalbe brand products. SNA is the exclusive importer/exporter of the Schwalbe brand for North and South America.

Our obligation is specific to the issuing of a credit note or the replacement of a warranty department qualified factory defective Schwalbe product.

At SNA, we offer a comprehensive warranty policy on all Schwalbe product purchased within North America. Our warranty term is 3 years following the original purchase date of the product, or 5 years from its production date - whichever occurs first. 

For the purpose of Quality Control, we are required by Ralf Bohle GmbH (the owner and manufacturer of Schwalbe brand products) to adhere to their policies and procedures for warranty inspection and reporting.

If you want your Schwalbe product to be inspected and assessed by the SNA Warranty Department for a possible factory warranty defect, please fill out the form provided at the link below.

The form requires that you upload clear, legible digital photo(s) of the item in question. Failure to do so will delay your warranty assessment. Please do not dispose of the tire until you receive a response for the SNA Warranty Department.


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