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Aerothan Tubes


Schwalbe aims to offer the ideal product for every cyclist. In terms of high-end bicycle tubes, this is an exciting challenge. The engineers had to combine seemingly opposing features, lowest weight and highest puncture protection. This is a case for the Schwalbe innovation hub, where material compositions and construction principles are redesigned to make entirely new products. Developed in cooperation with BASF and with experts from the German plastic manufacturing industry, the Aerothan tube emerged to not only meet all the requirements of a high-end bicycle tube, but to exceed them.

  • Fully light-weight, right to the valve - about 40% less weight than a comparable Schwalbe extra light tube
  • Puncture protection newly defined - the material itself prevents sudden air loss
  • Minimal rolling resistance - maximum riding dynamics
  • Extremely heat resistant - certified for rim brakes
  • A stable ride - even with low air pressures
  • Easy installation - without slipping or pinching
  • Made in Germany
  • 100% recyclable


Art.No. Size Performance Compound Colour Price Expander
10400423 16E (700 x 28-35C) Aerothan Endurance Race Aerothan Clear $39.00
10461373 17E (700x35-50C/28x1.35-2.0'') Aerothan Allround Aerothan Clear $40.00
10400263 19E (29'' x 2.1-2.4'') Aerothan MTB Aerothan Clear $43.00
10461173 19FE (29'' x 2.4-3.0'') Aerothan MTB+ Aerothan Clear $44.00
10400413 20E (700 x 23-28C) Aerothan Race Aerothan Clear $39.00
10400253 21E (27.5'' x 2.1-2.4'') Aerothan MTB Aerothan Clear $41.00
10400383 21FE (27.5'' x 2.4-3.0'') Aerothan MTB+ Aerothan Clear $43.00
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