Marathon Plus Tour HS 404

The new Flat-less tire. A heavy-duty trekking tread for asphalt, or off-road allows this versatile tire to always feel at home, whether in everyday use, or on long tours. The robust structure is an effective damage defense that is twinned with SmartGuard, the most effective puncture protection belt for bicycle tires.

Performance Line, Wire Bead
Art.No. ETRTO Size Performance Colour Compound PSI Weight EPI Load Tube Price Add
11131404 47-559

26 x 1.75

SmartGuard Reflex Endurance 45-70 980g 67 115 kg 13, 14 $58.21
11132404 50-559

26 x 2.00

SmartGuard Reflex Endurance 30-70 1100 g 67 130 kg 13, 14, 14A $63.86
11149404 37-622

700 x 35C

SmartGuard Reflex Endurance 50-85 890g 67 105 kg 17, 18, 19, $58.21
11150405 42-622

700 x 40C

SmartGuard Reflex Endurance 50-85 940 g 67 120 kg 17, 18, 19 $58.21

Impenetrable fortress of a tire!

I live in Utah, which is basically goathead central half the year. These tires are on a 60lb. electric bike which sees speeds up to 45mph regularly, plus some offroad. I have pulled probably 3,000 goatheads out of these tires without a single flat.

I've tried a lot of 'flat proof' tires over the years on this ebike and the marathon + is the only one that's held up to such torture.

Excellent job, Schwalbe.

Worthy Tire!

I've now owned this model and brand for over a 1,000 miles and they look almost brand new (tread wise). Other tires that cost almost as much have not shown this type of quality or wear resistance. I currently pack about 50 pounds on my Surly Long Haul Trucker with it's rear rack. I weigh in at around 220 pounds so total load on the bike is around 270 pounds. These tires are fabulous on pavement and hard pack. Though I have only a couple of minor annoyances with these. One is the tread pattern becomes noisy when going in excess of 15mph. The only other annoyance is it's ability to handle gravel road/small rocks. The later can be compensated for with steering. The prior I tolerate for the quality of the rubber on these tires. No where have I found a better tire and I've run plenty of tires on my bikes past and present. From here on out, any bike I own will have Schwalbe tires.

After 10,780 logged miles on a set of these tires, I can honestly say WOW! These tires are fantastic. Granted the last two weeks on them I was fighting some seriously worn out tubes. Had I replaced the tubes these tires would have probably continued on for a while yet. Alas, due to issues with the tubes the bead of one tire was about to separate from the rest of the tire which forces me to replace them. One of the tires (the original back tire) had taken some abuse due to a loose fender. I rotated the front to back and still got over 10K miles before the first flat.

You'll be glad to know I'm ordering another set of these as they bested one of your competitors tires by double the mileage. I'll say it again, from here on out I will use Schwalbe tires on any bike I own. Keep up the good work.