Marathon Almotion HS 453

The next evolutionary step. Development does not stop. We want to make our touring tires faster. To achieve this goal, for the first time we used the following techniques in the Marathon Almotion:

Dynamic Casing. A special carcass construction used in motorcycle tires ensures a high degree of flexibility in the tread area and thus a low rolling resistance.

Puncture protection. A combination of all-around fabric layer and flexible rubber belt under the tread ensures sufficient puncture resistance.

OneStar Triple Compound. The triple compound comes from the top competition tire Schwalbe One. It relies on a new polymer base, used for the first ever time on a touring tire.

Profile. Rubber compound and profile go hand-in-hand. Large, smooth segments in the middle and small, flexible blocks on the sides help the compound to offer speed and grip.

Tubeless. Optionally, the Almotion is available in a tubeless version.

“Despite its all-round fabric
protection and Green Guard the
new Almotion runs extremely light.
Top handling. Test Winner.”
“A rolling miracle: Supple is
the magic word. Thanks to the
new construction the Schwalbe
Almotion rolls super easy.”
“Impressive: The tubeless
Almotion needs only 20 watts, the
lowest rolling resistance we have
measured so far.”
Evolution Line, Folding Bead
Art.No. ETRTO Size Performance Colour Compound PSI Weight EPI Load Tube Price Add
11600596 55-559

26 x 2.15

Dynamic Casing Black-Reflex OneStar 30-55 780 g 67 130 kg 13, 14 $74.30
11600593 40-622

700 x 38C

Dynamic Casing Black-Reflex OneStar 50-85 610 g 67 110 kg 17, 18 $71.49
11600594 50-622

28 x 2.00

Dynamic Casing Black-Reflex OneStar 35-70 780 g 67 130 kg 19, 19A $74.88
11600595 55-622

28 x 2.15

Dynamic Casing Black-Reflex OneStar 30-55 870 g 67 135 kg 19, 19A $78.74

New Schwalbe Almotion

Just received a pair of 26x2.15 Almotions, promptly mounted on my trusty Surly Disc Trucker, inflated to 50-55lbs front and rear. Others will offer more refined reviews, more detail. I only rode them (twice) over my favorite neighborhood route, six miles each way, a few hills, half a mile of gravel road, and yes, across the grass hummocks of an abandoned park. Absolutely marvelous! Almotions roll and roll and roll! I've long been a fan of Marathon Supremes for comfort and speed. Now it is the Almotion. This is the best low-effort touring tire ever crafted by Schwalbe, or any manufacturer. Likely ideal on rail-trails as well as pavement of all sorts. Future experience may amend these opinions. But I just ordered another pair. The tubeless version likely is without peer. I've used many Schwalbe products - Supremes, Mondials, Duremes, Exteremes, and XRs as well as the Marathon Plus and Big Apple Plus on my Bike Friday. All excellent. All serve their intended purposes well. Now If you want to save energy and roll, roll, roll on your next tour, try Ammotions. Likely, you will be delighted.