Rim Tape

Why use a rim tape?

The rim tape protects the tube from mechanical damage by spoke ends, metal burrs and holes in the rim.

Which rim tape should I use?

An appropriate rim tape must completely and securely cover all spoke holes.

Hollow section rims require the use of special rim tapes such as SCHWALBE Super HP or SCHWALBE fabric rim tape. Rubber rim tapes are not suitable for hollow section rims, because the inflated tube pushes them into the holes.

The rim tape must cover the entire rim well. If the rim tape is narrower than the rim well it can slide and expose the spoke holes.

Alternatively, an adhesive, fabric rim tape can be used on all rims. Slipping cannot occur due to the heat resistant glue. The 19mm wide tape should definitely be used for racing bicycle rims (13C, 14C). The 15mm tape is recommended for the various hollow section and straight side cycle rims, which are often used on MTB and trekking bikes.

Why doesn't SCHWALBE produce a 12 mm fabric rim tape?

Some rims have a rim well with a width of about 12 mm. It is intentional on our part not to provide a rim tape of 12 mm or less. Such a narrow tape would provide a very narrow and insecure cover.

Instead, we recommend using a wide tape that reaches from rim wall to rim wall. This may complicate the fitting process, but it provides the best option for a secure covering of all rim holes.

Rim tape recommendations

Here you can download our Rim tape recommendations as pdf-document.