SCHWALBE Triple Star Compound

A modular system whereby three of six new individual compounds are cleverly combined.

All Triple Compounds have the same, extremely elastic base compound under the tread that makes the tires fast. All other desired properties are achieved by placing a specially selected compound in the tread center and on the tire shoulders - a different one for each intended purpose.

Yet how are compounds like this developed? “Compounding is an art in itself,” explained Markus Hachmeyer. Any rubber compound contains over 20 different variables. A bit more here, a tad less there and the rolling resistance, or hardness changes. Many factors, such as grip and rolling resistance, actually contradict each other. If one value improves, the other automatically gets worse. Furthermore there are other desirable properties such as damping, durability and cut resistance to take into consideration.

“Trying to achieve all these features in a single rubber compound at the same time simply does not work!” stated the tire technician. Therefore, combining several unique rubber compounds to improve the counteracting characteristics is the ideal solution.

Not only were Triple Star Compounds developed, but also six unique compounds had to be created anew - in the most extensive laboratory and practical tests Schwalbe ever devised.

Each Triple Star compound consists of three unique compounds.


MTB Race, All Mountain Compound.
Super-fast with a combination of low rolling resistance and durability. The tire shoulders were made appreciably softer to improve handling on rough terrain.

Easy rolling base layer (base)
medium Fast center (medium)
medium soft Grippy shoulders (medium soft)


Enduro and Freeride Compound.
Triple Nano compound was unsuitable performance-wise and the rolling resistance of Gooey Gluey was too high. TrailStar has substantially more grip, better damping and handling control. Nevertheless, the compound is not overly heavy, making it suitable for climbing too.

base Easy rolling base layer (base)
medium Grippy center (medium soft)
medium soft Extra-grippy shoulders (soft)


Downhill and Freeride Compound.
It is a further development of the Gooey Gluey compound, but now even softer with extremely good damping properties.


base Easy rolling base layer (base)
medium Super-soft center (super soft)
medium soft Extra-soft Shoulders (extremely soft)


Four-Cross Race Compound.
Especially developed for 4-Cross events. Super-fast, low rolling resistance and durable center combined with very sticky and energy absorbing shoulder knobs.

base Easy rolling base layer (base)
medium Fast center (medium)
medium soft Extra-soft Shoulders (extremely soft)

“We have decisively advanced the principle of triple compounding,” explained Schwalbe technician, Markus Hachmeyer. In countless laboratory and practical tests, a total of six highly-specialist, unique compounds emerged. These were then combined as Triple Star compounds, which precisely suit the relevant application.

Six Highly-Specialist, Unique Compounds:        Available Tire Options:



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