SCHWALBE's Evolution Line of Tires

The very best possible. Constructed with highest grade materials and latest technology.

EVO tires provide a unique combination of low weight, excellent handling characteristics and top end puncture protection. High Tech materials such as the Triple Star compound, for increased grip and lower rolling resistance, HD Speed Guard, to protect against penetration punctures, or, the total protection offered by Double Defense with SnakeSkin sidewalls.


    The steeper angle at which the carcass threads lay provide the essential structure for an EVO tire. This particular carcass pattern increases flexibility and reduces rolling resistance. The EVO carcass is much more difficult and complex to make compared to a standard tire carcass.


Double Defense

    The twin protector.

    High Density Guard + SnakeSkin.

    More safety for light off-road tires is impossible.

New 2013In the Double Defense tires, the V-Guard now ensures even greater cut resistance.

Double Defense


    All Schwalbe Tubeless tires have an airtight
    "inner liner". Most other makers do without
    an inner liner nowadays and integrate the
    airtight layer into the normal tire construction.
    This construction is much lighter, but has
    one serious disadvantage: The outer layer is
    easily damaged and a repair is not possible.
    Schwalbe recommends: Either purchasing a
    ‚genuine' Tubeless tire, or, if weight is a factor,
    using a Tubeless Ready tire with sealing
UST Tubeless

Tubeless Ready

    Schwalbe's MTB Evolution tires are now Tubeless ready. Meaning, they can be converted into a tubeless tire by the addition of a latex based puncture sealant liquid, or used quite normally by inserting an inner tube.
    SnakeSkin-tires are the best suited for tubeless conversion! The sidewalls seal almost immediately. Just half the quantity of sealing fluid is usually enough!
    That almost compensates for the extra weight of the SnakeSkin sidewall – and
    furthermore it is additional protection against sharp rocks.
Tubeless Ready

Limited Slip Technology (L.S.T.)

    The tire bead has a special rubber coating that
    effectively reduces the tire slipping on the rim
    under heavy braking.
Limited Slip Technology

Triple Star Compound

    A modular system whereby three of six new individual compounds are cleverly combined.
  • PaceStar: MTB Race, All Mountain Compound - super-fast with a combination of low rolling resistance and durability.
  • TrailStar: Enduro and Freeride Compound - substantially more grip, better damping and handling control.
  • VertStar: Downhill and Freeride Compound - even softer with extremely good damping properties.
  • GateStar: Four-Cross Race Compound - super-fast, low rolling resistance center, sticky and energy absorbing shoulder knobs.
Triple Star Compounds


    All of Schwalbe Freeride tires contain: SnakeSkin
    sidewall, Limited-Slip-Technology (L.S.T) and
    Snake-Bite sidewall protection. Downhill tires
    also have an additional double carcass.
UST Tubeless

Super Gravity                      New 2013

  • A revolutionary new tire construction.
    Developed for Enduro competitions, but also
    ideally suited for Freeride and Downhill racing.
  • Snakebite protection is as tough as in Downhill
    tires. The tread surface remains very flexible for
    excellent riding characteristics.
  • All-around SnakeSkin protects well against cuts.
  • Tires are Tubeless Ready. Save the weight of a
    tube and maintain the weight level of a Freeride
  • Compared to a Downhill tire and tube there is
    a weight saving of 800 g per bike of the rotational mass!
    Patent pending!
Super Gravity
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