The Fitting Process





  • tubeless compatible tire, minimum width 57 mm (2.25”)
  • tubeless compatible wheel, minimum rim width 23 mm (with rim widths
    of 21 or 22 mm the installation can turn out to be very difficult)

The inner chamber (1) consists of the Procore inner tire and the Procore tube with dual valve. The outer chamber is the MTB tubeless compatible tire (2).
The rim must be airtight or sealed with the tubeless rim tape. The tape should completely cover the rim base (3). A single layer of rim tape is sufficient. If the supplied 25 mm tape does not fit perfectly, buy tape of a suitable width to replace the one supplied. To pierce a hole for the valve, simply push the valve through the rim tape. Reinforce the rim tape in the area of the valve with the transparent sticker supplied to ensure optimum valve fit(4).

First install the Procore inner tire and the special Procore tube like you would a normal clincher tire and tube (5). Place the airguide above the valve (6) and position the inner tire so that the grooves of the airguides are visible through the small hole (7).

Then install the outer tire: Place the entire wheel inside the tire. Install both beads from the left or right (8).

Before fitting the second tire bead: Make sure that the inner tire is still in its correct position. The line marking must be positioned perfectly at the valve (9).

Complete the installation at the valve on both sides. Caution: Before levering the last section of the tire over the rim edge, make sure that the tire bead is in the drop center of the rim over its complete circumference. The special Procore tire lever helps a lot when fitting is difficult. You can hook it in onto the rim (10).

It will fix the already fitted area of the tire bead so that it remains inside while you lever the final section over the rim.

After installation: Fill with the Doc Blue sealant! Using the tire lever a small section of the outer tire needs to be levered up (11).

Dosage: 60 ml per tire. Shake the bottle well before use. Caution: The Procore system has a special valve. Do not fill the sealant through the valve! Be sure to use the special valve nut with its integrated anti-turn protection in order to seal the valve onto the rim (12).

Inflation of the inner tire as well as the outer tire is through the Procore dual valve. The upper part of the valve (selector) is designed to be set: With the valve completely screwed in the inner chamber is filled (13).

With the valve completely screwed out (about 6 turns) the outer chamber is filled (14).

Inflating and air pressure:
1) Inflate the inner chamber to 3 bar. 2) Inflate the outer tire until it has bedded in properly over the entire circumference. (Use Easy Fit assembly liquid, only if the bedding in of the tire turns out to be problematic.) 3) Subsequently, inflate the inner chamber to a pressure of 6 bar and the outer chamber to the desired pressure. Valve protection: While riding the selector should always be screwed in. Hand pumps should only be used carefully. It is best to only use pumps with a flexible valve connector. The optimum tire pressure depends upon rider weight, riding style and preferences. Start with 1 bar then experiment with new possibilities.


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