Fit the tire as usual onto the rim. Be cautious when applying the tire levers. Important: Apply assembly liquid to both tire beads before inflating (1). Make sure the valve is between the beads when inflating (2). Start inflating with a powerful burst of air (track pump or compressor) (3). The tire engages audibly on the rim. Using the rim line, make sure the tire is properly in place (4).

Deflate the tire a little. Remove the valve core (valve key is supplied with Doc Blue) and fill in 60 ml of the puncture protection liquid Doc Blue (5). For road bike tubes 30 ml are enough.


  • Strictly observe the indications regarding maximum inflation pressure of tire and rim!


  • Do not use CO2 cartridges. CO2 has a negative effect on the puncture protection liquid.


  • Be careful in general when using the sealing liquid. It easily causes stains on clothing or pieces of furniture.


more information for tubeless

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