A few years ago we started focusing very intensively on tubeless and especially on tubeless for racing bikes. In this context, we learned: tubeless on racing bikes is an exceptionally challenging innovation. This is because manufacturing high-pressure capable tubeless tires to an excellent level is anything other than easy.

We are now convinced: tubeless is the tire technology of the future.

This is because tubeless offers clear benefits in terms of speed, comfort, grip and puncture protection for all sporty and ambitious cyclists. This not only applies off the road but also on the road – with both racing bikes and touring bikes. 

  • Friction between the tire and tube is now a thing of the past. This crucially reduces the rolling resistance. It is even smaller than with super light competition tires.
  • With tubeless, you can ride with less air pressure – without restrictions to performance! This brings noticeable advantages in comfort, but also significantly more control in critical situations and on poor routes.
  • Tubeless systems provide very high puncture protection. Sudden air loss due to bursting tubes or valves tearing is ruled out. At the same time, a puncture protection fluid seals incisions within a tenth of a second, during the ride.

TOUR, Europe's biggest racing bike magazine, recently put tubeless tyres to the test (edition 8/2015): "Clear test winner with grade 1.4: SCHWALBE PRO ONE" more information


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