What extra special developments does 2018 hold in store? What are the technologies, megatrends and innovations that will drive us? Today, tomorrow and in the future?


New Compound for all legendary EVO mountain bike tires. Markus Hachmeyer, Head of Development, says it in a nutshell: “It’s a really big thing. Never before have we taken such an ambitious step with the compound. In actual fact, we’ve left no stone unturned, neither with the formula nor with the processes. What we have reached with Addix in a way like never before: A stable performance of the compound over the complete lifespan of the tire. And tires with ADDIX are much more durable! That is what really counts.”

                                                                                                                                                                                            LEARN MORE ABOUT ADDIX >>


Schwalbe is the benchmark for E-Bike tires. We offer the perfect tire for every purpose, no matter if MTB, Tour or Race. All in one 70 tires bear the ECR-R75 certification and are therefore suited for fast E-Bikes. In addition, over 200 tires are recommended for the use on E-Bikes that have motor assist up to 25 km/h



The future of road racing. This has now been proved by the website Ten high-end racing tires of leading manufacturers had to prove their abilities. In the lab and on the road Schwalbe Pro One achieved the best results



Saving resources for the environment. To use recycled materials in the production of high-quality bicycle tires and tubes very specific know-how is required. We have it and we use it! Now there is the first bicycle tire, which tread compound is completely made from renewable and recycled raw materials.



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