Jumbo Jim


Jumbo Jim is the Schwalbe tire for one of the hot trends at Eurobike 2014, the fat bike. Fat bikes are available as mountain and trekking bikes as well as pedelecs. 

Schwalbe's Jumbo Jim is lighter than you think. In the conventional width of 4 inches (100 mm), with 990 grams, its still less than a kilo. The alternative, the ultra-wide Jumbo Jim, measures an impressive 4.80 inches (120 mm). Naturally, the appropriate Schwalbe tube is also available for the Jumbo Jim.

Jumbo Jim loves extreme conditions: gravel, loose sand or deep snow. According to Marcus Lambertz, the Schwalbe Product Manager in charge: "The only solution in these cases is a large volume combined with an extremely low air pressure starting at about 0.4 bar. This generates the optimum traction needed for propulsion."

By the way, fat bikes are not new. Originally, they came from Alaska and Canada, where their riders plough through snow and sludge with the fat tires. Now, the trendy bikes from North America have crossed the Atlantic and are finding many enthusiastic fans in Europe.

In the standard version, Jumbo Jim is Tubeless Easy and has a SnakeSkin. Alternatively, there is also the lighter LiteSkin version.


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