In Germany there is the problem of the disposal of some 10 million bicycle tires and even more inner tubes each year! Bohle was the first tire company to offer a solution to this problem.

Old tires do not belong into the landfill! Bohle used this slogan in 1993 to launch their recycling initiative. The target was to exclude as many tires as possible from being burnt, and therefore polluting the atmosphere, but to get the old tires back and recycled back into new raw material.

With the mechanical recycling system, the scrap tires are stripped and separated back into the original materials. The wire beads being recycled back into steel, the rubber is granulated and sent to a specialist manufacture and made into rubber floor mats for sports halls and playgrounds etc and also as a dampening material for the building industry.

SCHWALBE Recycled Matting The recycled matting is also available for the bicycle retailers for their workshops and showrooms as it is very comfortable to walk on.

Recycling keeps on going For a small cost, the retailers in Germany can return their old tires to Bohle for recycling. The cost covers all the handling and recycling.

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