• Push yourself to your limits and demand the most
    from your tire. When the pressure is on,
    it shows its true colors: more grip, more speed, more mileage.

  • Experience a different dimension. ADDIX – the new
    compound for all legendary tires of the EVO line.

The head developer.

Not only has Markus Hachmeyer been riding MTBs in almost all disciplines for more than a quarter of a century, he’s also been the head developer of Schwalbe treads for almost as long, and there is not a tire that he hasn’t helped to develop.
ADDIX is created using completely new formulas. We purchase advanced raw materials, carefully test for quality and diligently source the best worldwide. Basically, we have significantly increased the filler content for silica and we now control the mixing process more accurately than ever before. As a result, ADDIX compounds are characterized by one thing in particular: they solve the trade-off between grip, rolling resistance and wear across a much broader range.

ADDIX is produced in a completely new mixer using a new process that we have designed. We now have hardware throughout our plant that we are using to implement what is currently the most advanced and precise mixing process in the bicycle tire industry. Entirely new dimensions are opening up to us because we can vary all the parameters infinitely. It’s this high-end mixing technology, controlled by our specifications, that actually makes completely new compound properties possible – with ADDIX we’re achieving a whole new level of performance and quality.