Handmade tubular tire: Ultremo HT

The handmade tubular tire Ultremo HT ("Handmade Technology") offers a unique grip and exceptional comfort. For this tire Schwalbe has set new construction standards – combining classic tire-making techniques based on Italian models with high-end materials.

The PROs making up the Italian Liquigas ProTour Team are traditionalists. They ride only tried and tested tubular tires of the Italian construction type. And thats that! So the only way the mechanic could get them to try out a new tire, was to trick them into doing it! For the "Vuelta" Tour of Spain he fitted the Ultremo HT tire in secret. It was a case of the end justifying the means! Throughout the 3-week tour the team didnt have one single puncture. And that was sufficient to convince even the Italian purists. "Now everyone wants to use the Ultremo HT“ Christian Lademann, the Schwalbe Race Support Product Manager, proudly reports.

Handmade tubular tires - thats the high art of cycle tire manufacture. For it Schwalbe developed new construction principles and set up an entirely new tubular tire manufacture. Only the most experienced staff members are allowed to set their hands to: lining up the continuous filaments of the carcass, dabbing on Latex and gluing on the second carcass layer at a right angle. The tread is applied on a special building drum. The Latex tube is then inserted and the carcass sewn together. Last of all, the base tape is glued onto the carcass. According to Lademann: "Every tire is a small work of art, made with devotion and meticulous attention to detail”.

A unique combination: a new carcass construction, Triple Nano Compound and a Latex tube.
The strength of the Ultremo HT lies in combining the traditional manufacturing techniques of Italian tire-makers with high-end materials. The treads Triple Nano Compound uses three different rubber compounds precisely in those areas where they’re most needed: durability in the tread center, extreme grip at the shoulders and light, easy rolling beneath. A wafer-thin Latex film protects the sidewall. Added to that, a new diamond-shaped profile – small pyramids with flattened heads. This increases the tread surface, thus enhancing the grip and durability. Lademann goes on to say: "The carcass material, an extremely fine polyester fiber is more flexible than the more commonly used nylon. This flexibility produces a tire with a larger contact surface and improved grip. Whats more our fabric offers greater comfort and speed and doesnt soak up water in wet conditions.”

A further feature of the Ultremo HT: the Latex tube – an absolute must for the Italian construction type, providing extra protection and elasticity. Whats more, it offers the RaceGuard protective belt which for a tubular tire represents an almost unheard of level of protection.

"As far as PROs are concerned, tubular tires are quite simply the ultimate! Undeniably, they have the best running flat properties. To have this level of confidence when taking part in a race is tremendously important", and as a former professional racing cyclist himself Lademann knows what he’s talking about. "The new Ultremo HT is the best compromise in terms of puncture protection, comfort, grip and light, easy running that I have so far come across.”

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