Schwalbes new rain racer: Ultremo Aqua

Grip is the priority: Schwalbe’s new Ultremo Aqua is the specialist in competition on wet and slippery roads.

Driving rain, greasy surfaces and still flat out in curves? "No problem for Ultremo Aqua. I don’t know of any other tire that has so much grip", said Christian Lademann, Schwalbe tire developer and active pro racer. "Even on Mallorca’s notoriously ‘slippery when wet’ roads the Ultremo Aqua was consummately surefooted when cornering”.

In order to achieve such outstanding cornering grip Schwalbe gave its rain racer a grippy, "sticky" rubber compound with a diamond tread. "The tire rolls as if it’s on rails. Altogether it gives a very secure riding sensation. In wet race conditions, with a lot of tight curves, it wouldn’t be possible to win without it", concluded Lademann.

Since every rubber mixture is a compromise between grip and rolling resistance, so naturally this compound has slightly higher resistance. But weigh the advantages: The big plus is its speed in curves that offsets both the somewhat higher rolling resistance and higher abrasion, common with soft rubber mixtures.

With a weight of just 180 grams the Ultremo Aqua is the lightest rain tire on the market, yet despite this it still features High Density Guard, an extremely densely woven protection belt that provides the toughest defense against punctures.

Ultremo Aqua is the right call when grip is a priority, or, for riders who want to be sure, even if the weather is changeable. Schwalbe’s rain racer is available by early 2010 in specialist bicycle stores.

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