Three Tires Go Electric

Two more Schwalbe tires are going electric for the 2012 season: Energizer Pro and Energizer Plus are the new model names developed specially for E-Bikes, bringing the Energizer family to three models. And all three tires will bear the ECE-R75 mark, applicable throughout Europe for E-Bikes up to 50 kph.

The new Energizers showed their class in the „Superhybrid Cup“ E-Bike race: Their outstanding grip made possible hitherto unknown banking angles demonstrating just how great the performance differences are compared with standard tires.

"Whatever proves crucial in racing, increases the safety aspect for the everyday rider as well. Because especially on the fast E-Bikes, even less experienced riders can achieve some incredibly high speeds. The compound offers significantly more grip in everyday situations", explained Marketing Manager, Carsten Zahn. The compound proves useful even for E-Bikes with front wheel drive: Since less load is placed on the drive wheel, tires using normal rubber compounds have a tendency to spin out on steep climbs.

What’s more, the Energizer Plus with its 3 mm thick protective GreenGuard layer is equipped for maximum puncture protection. "With E-Bikes puncture protection is even more important than on a normal bikes because with a lot of E-Bikes dismantling the wheel is considerably more time-consuming", the Marketing Manager explained. The effective GreenGard puncture protection belt comprises a highly elastic latex layer, one third of which is made up of recycled materials.

The Energizer Pro, on the other hand, has been entirely designed for speed and is protected by the light weight RaceGuard protective belt from the racing bike tire series. As a result, and thanks to its LiteSkin sidewall, it weighs at least 200 gram less. This minimal weight coupled with low rolling resistance makes it ideally suited to fast, sporty E-Bikes.

While just testing the Energizer Pro, Carsten Zahn also did well in the race: "Flying around the bends with that much tailwind was great fun. Unfortunately, it didn’t rain otherwise I feel I could have exploited the tires’ benefits even more," said Zahn.

Incidentally: Besides the three 100 percent Energizer family E-bike tires, Schwalbe offers six further models that are also specifically suited to E-Bikes and that carry the “E-Bike ready” mark.

Energizer tires, in common with other Schwalbe products, are available in specialist bicycle stores.

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