Schwalbe News 2013

Daily cycling/Lifestyle: Big Apple Plus

Daily cycling/Lifestyle: Retro star Fat Frank - white sidewall tire in brown

Daily cycling: Schwalbe upgrades its standard Active Line series

MTB: Rocket Ron

Racing: White Ultremo

Daily cycling: Winter – the spiked tire for beginners

Daily cycling: Winter-Set - maintenance for spike tires

Daily cycling/Tour: Marathon Winter now also in 29"

BMX: Shredda takes a victory lap

Solar bikes: The special project

Daily cycling / Lifestyle

Big Apple Plus - well-cushioned and puncture-proof

Schwalbe breathed new life into the balloon bikes of the 1930s with their bulky Big Apple tires – comfortable cycling on two thick cushions of air, no fancy technology involved. Now the extra-thick tires are available with new puncture protection. For the new Big Apple Plus, Schwalbe has combined features of the most successful standard tires they have produced in recent years: the volume and treads of the Big Apple balloon tire together with the disaster-proof puncture protection of the Marathon cross-country tire. The 3 mm-thick resilient band of protective material is called GreenGuard; the Green is included in the name because the material consists of one-third recycled rubber. It offers high resistance against the everyday headaches of flat tires. Big Apple riders can now ride well-cushioned and without a care in the world.

Schwalbe offers the following tip to load-carrying bikes: balloon tires can carry heavier loads than narrower tires due to their large volumes. The additional puncture protection layer makes Big Apple Plus the ideal tire for bikes or trailers carrying large loads.

Daily cycling / Lifestyle

The retro star: Fat Frank with white sidewall

Super-thick Fat Frank is king of the cruiser bikes – and will look perfect with its new brown tread and white sidewall on your vintage-style cruiser bike. Schwalbe has coordinated the shade of brown to match the leather saddle and handlebars – this tire matches the retro-bike the way tweed does with a Brooks saddle. The large volumes of balloon tires have something of a retro effect as it is, but the tires dont just look good, they have tangible technical advantages too: these 50-60 mm-wide tires can be ridden with low tire pressure due to their immense volume, and simply smooth out uneven ground as they roll over it. Each bike gives you a relaxed cruiser feeling with this gentle air cushioning. Fat Frank tires with white sidewalls are available in brown and other colours (black, cream, grey) at specialist bike stores.

Daily cycling

Active Line with Kevlar Guard

For EUROBIKE 2012, Schwalbe is giving its Active Line a sharp upgrade. All 20 tires in this standard series are now fitted with Kevlar Guard. "Kevlar puncture protection is a big boost in terms of quality for a tire in this price range," marketing director Carsten Zahn emphasizes. The popular tire models in this product range, from Citizen to Road Cruiser, have a high-quality 50 EPI carcass with a longer-lasting rubber compound and high-grade puncture protection – a combination of features which is unique in this price range. The upgrade is even visible: the tires now have labels on both sides. Like all of Schwalbes products, the Active Line models are available exclusively in specialist bicycle stores.


Ultremo ZX: New insides and a white racer

Schwalbes top racing bike model, the Ultremo ZX, is now available in white and is lighter and more resistant to punctures thanks to a new tire technology. There is now a new V-Guard puncture protection layer under the tread, whose extremely firm material, located directly on the carcass, provides even more effective protection than the layer of aramid which was embedded between carcass layers. The extremely light high-tech fibres of the V-Guard reduce rolling friction considerably. The rubber compound has also been refined with new formulas which have helped the Schwalbe technicians squeeze out a bit more speed.

Many racing cyclists are interested in white tires, the ultimate contrast to black carbon rims. Now the Ultremo ZX is also available in snow white. Christian Lademann, product manager for racing bike tires, says, "The black Ultremo is the most popular and has a technically superior grip, but more than half of the Ultremos we sell have other colours. Now we have nine colour varieties in our catalogue in addition to the black Ultremo."


Rocket Ron sets off on its next stage

Of Schwalbes rough MTB competition tires, this one is the lightest – and the fastest. Sabine Spitz rode on it at her Olympic victory in Beijing. Now Schwalbe has given its super-light cross country rocket a facelift, making it even faster. The gripping treads are now even more masterful in their handling. The completely smooth and even sidewall makes Tubeless Ready assembly easy. Rocket Ron is available in specialist bicycle stores in eight sizes, among them several widths in 29" and 650B.

Daily cycling

Winter tires for bikes

Cyclists who ride every day and dont want to lock up their favorite set of wheels in the winter can get through the icy months safely with spikes. Put on the winter tires and go – just like you do with your car. With car tires, the choice of rubber compound makes a difference, but spikes – legal ones – make the difference with bike tires. Schwalbes new "Winter" tires dig their claws securely into the ground with 120 metal spikes and offer perfect control on icy surfaces. With a 50 EPI carcass, reflective stripes and Kevlar Guard puncture protection, they combine high-grade tire technology with an attractive entry level price. Like all Schwalbe spike tires, they can also be ridden on dry roads without problems.

Daily cycling/MTB

Winter set - for spike tire maintenance

Spike tires stay steady in the lane even on icy roads. Schwalbe spiked tire models offer stability on icy ground. If a metal spike becomes lost, a set of 50 replacement spikes is now available which fit all Schwalbe spike tires, with a tool for simple installation.

Daily cycling/Tour

Marathon Winter now also in 29"

Schwalbes Marathon Winter, the classic tire among the spike tires for everyday biking, is now available in particularly popular 29". With 208 metal spikes, it is commanding even in snow and ice, and can be brought under control even when braking hard. Schwalbes tip: the spikes will be most effective using the minimum pressure indicated on the sidewall. Like all Schwalbe spike tires, it can also be ridden on dry roads without problems.


Racing Shredda takes a victory lap

In 2012, the year of the Olympic Games, Schwalbe will introduce a light high-end competition tire for BMX racing, which has been part of the Olympics since 2008. The Shredda is all about minimum weight and maximum speed: with the delicate, flexible 127 EPI carcass, the PaceStar triple compound and a weight of 250, Shredda is a must-have. Schwalbe used all of its expertise gained from ten-odd years as the market leader in mountain bike tires to develop this competition tire. In BMX racing, Schwalbe sponsors the BMX Air Team, two members of which qualified for the Olympic Games. Virtually all German champions in different classes ride on Schwalbe tires.

Solar bikes

Schwalbe's special project: Solar Energizer

Energizer is the name of Schwalbes family of tires specially designed for electric bicycles. Among them, solar bikes are a special species – lean, futuristic-looking, streamlined vehicles with three or four wheels for which there is even the World Solar Challenge in the Australian outback – a race from Darwin to Adelaide, across the continent from top to bottom. Schwalbe has now specially developed an Energizer with the Bochum University of Applied Sciences for solar-powered bikes: the Solar Energizer. The extreme racing conditions were a challenge for the tire technicians: the tires had to be extremely lightweight to save electricity, and they had to be durable enough to cover the distance of several thousand kilometers at temperatures of over 40 degrees and speeds of up to 120 km/h. The Solar Energizer can do it all. It has now been used in the World Wide Solar Ride (Solar World Gran Turismo) of the Bochum University of Applied Sciences, supported by two escort vehicles. The goal is to be the first solar-powered vehicle to circumnavigate the globe and, with an entry in the Guinness Book of Records, to draw attention to environmentally friendly energy. The Solar Energizer is available in two sizes: 2.40-16 and 90/80-16.