Safe and sound on e-bike trips: Energizer Tour Plus

Schwalbe is launching a new tire for the 2012 season – the Energizer Tour Plus with a sturdy trekking tread and outstanding puncture protection. The new tire is the most versatile of the Schwalbe Energizer family, which now has four members. All tires bear the ECE-R75 certification mark, recognized throughout Europe, for e-bikes with speeds of up to 50 km/h.

The e-bike trend has not let up. The industry anticipates sales of 400,000 electric bicycles in 2012, an increase of 25%. For daily use, trips and bike vacations, versatile e-bikes are being used by more and more riders. To ensure that they are in good hands on every kind of terrain, Schwalbe is launching an Energizer with a rougher tread. The Energizer Tour Plus offers steady handling even off-road and rolls along easily on its concealed middle strip. Plus, a 3 mm-thick layer of GreenGuard makes it extremely puncture-resistant. "Its even more important to protect electric wheels against flat tires than on normal bikes," says product manager René Marks, "since its a lot more time-consuming to dismantle e-bike wheels." The band of powerful GreenGuard flat tire protective material is made of highly elastic natural rubber, which itself consists of up to one-third recycled material.

"This combination of rougher tread lugs on the outside, a concealed strip in the middle, the anti-skid, lightweight rubber compound and the strong puncture protection make this a truly versatile tire for every e-bike," sums up René Marks.
Like all Schwalbe products, the Energizer Tour Plus is available exclusively in specialist bicycle stores.