Ground Control for Rocket Ron

Rocket Ron is a new MTB racer and a super-light (410 grams) competition rocket with astonishing grip. In May ’08 Sabine Spitz rode the rocket to her European title championship success in St. Wendel.

"This Rocket fulfills racers’ wishes all at once: Low weight and a lot of grip – both straight-line power and traction in curves - and it works just as well in wet or dry conditions. The lugs are widely spaced and provide a great self-cleaning action as with Racing Ralph", said Schwalbe technician Markus Hachmeyer.

In order to achieve these seemingly opposing characteristics Schwalbe equipped its MTB-Racer with a lot of technical finesse such as: 127 EPI EVO casing, Triple Nano Compound and bitingly efficient U-Blocks.

Schwalbe positioned its new MTB-Racer amongst its two most popular MTB competition tires of the past few years: The grippy Nobby Nic and the fast Racing Ralph. Rocket Ron has a more prominent profile than Racing Ralph, but nonetheless rolls just as easily. Above all: Rocket Ron is an out and out competition tire, so puncture resistance and durability are limited.

Nano-Technology improves grip and rolling resistance

New and special, nano-sized polymers and fillers are responsible for the latest improvements. The previous "gigantic" 200 Nanometer sized particles have now been replaced by ones measuring only ten
nanometers, i.e. 0,00001 Millimeter. These have two advantages:
The internal rubber friction is reduced, which lowers rolling resistance. And many small particles provide a greater surface area than fewer, larger ones – the result of which is more contact area
and therefore appreciably better grip. The outcome is an outstanding All-round-Compound used in the tread center. Underneath this lies an extremely easy rolling base layer compound. And on the tire sides is a grippy shoulder compound. "All three make up the unique Triple Nano Compound", explained Hachmeyer.

U-Blocks: Revolutionary design and perfect positioning

The awesome grip is derived from the so named U-Blocks. Schwalbe technicians positioned these specially shaped lugs against the direction of rotation and so turned on its head the traditional thinking that lugs should always run with the wheel rotation. The U-Shape lugs and their positioning develops even more cornering grip i.e.: It is natural for the tire to want to wander out of curves. U-Blocks prevent this by lifting the tire by the nature of their forward facing, half-open design. The surprising effect is less under-steer and more stability in cornering.

The tire is available in three sizes: 26 x 2.10 inch (410 Gram), 26 x 2.25 inch (445 Gram) and a wide 26 x 2.40 inch, which only weighs 530 Gram.

Rocket Ron is also available in a tubeless version in sizes: 2.1 and 2.25 inch. The Evo-Tubeless-Technology is characterized by extremely low weight and low rolling resistance. Integrated into the tire’s structure is a strengthened side wall and a coating that prevents loss of inflation pressure.

Rocket Ron should be available in specialist shops by the end of 2008.

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