Radical change for Racing Ralph

A faster and grippier Racing Ralph

At this year’s autumn shows Schwalbe is presenting a completely new Racing Ralph for Cross Country and Marathon. The U-block shoulder lugs are revolutionary: They are positioned against the direction of travel in order to provide more cornering control. Together with other Schwalbe tires Nobby Nic and Furious Fred it is the basis for a 3-Tire-Race-System, from which riders can select the ideal tire combination for any track.

"The thing that was still missing, was side grip", reported Schwalbe technician Markus Hachmeyer on the forerunner of the Racing Ralph. The new version grips curves more surely - and is now the perfect allrounder for competition racing. Hachmeyer: " To my mind this innovation is a genuine quantum leap!"

Where does the additional Grip come from? "The new U-block!", said Hachmeyer. Schwalbe positioned these special U-shaped lugs, against the rotation direction - and so turned on its head the traditional thinking that lugs must run in the driving direction. "We began by using U-blocks on our Downhill tires, with the Nobby Nic they worked satisfactorily", explained Hachmeyer. The U-shape of the lugs and the newly conceived lay-out arrangement provides even more grip in curves. Reason: Every tire wants to move outward in a curve, but with their forward facing, half-open serrations U-blocks fight against it. The surprising effect: Less under-steer, more stability – restraint of curve forces.

"The newly developed tread design has eliminated the weak point of the Racing Ralph, cornering grip. Our goal was to achieve the optimal compromise between grip and low rolling resistance. We have now bridged this gap substantially better than before", described Hachmeyer. Racing Ralph is also available in 29 inch, the current trend in the USA.

3-Tire-Race-System: Tire-Combinations for every eventuality

Complete range: Racing Ralph, Furious Fred and Nobby Nic now offer an ideal tire combination for every track and all weathers. Selecting the correct combination of tires for front and rear wheel can increase total performance on grip and rolling resistance. Markus Hachmeyer, still an active competition rider, recommends different combinations, depending on how rough or wet the course is (see illustration).
"We rounded off our range intelligently. With the 3-Tire-Race-System we offer a universal combination system for ambitious Cross Country riders and for any circumstance", stressed Hachmeyer.

High End Tires in different versions

The High-End models Racing Ralph, Furious Fred and Nobby NIC belong to the exclusive Evolution Line in the Schwalbe MTB range. All technical innovations flow first into these top tires, as for example the highly flexible Evolution-Carcass and the unique Triple Compound (a three-way rubber mixture for low rolling resistance, durable center tread and grippy shoulders). The high quality of the tires is underlined by the use of new graphics: Silver with a white border.

Further benefits: Racing Ralph, Furious Fred and Nobby Nic are also available in some sizes with the following special features:

- SnakeSkin-Sidewall -

a light and flexible woven layer on the sidewall guards tires against abrasion damage.

- Double Defense -

two system puncture defense with High Density Guard and Snake Skin sidewall. For the first time the protection belt from high-density Vectran fabric - the same used in the Ultremo - is also to be found in an MTB tire. While the proven SnakeSkin sidewall protects against sharp edged stones. There cannot be more security for light, fast off-road tires.

- Evo-Tubeless:

The new models now only weigh around 130 gram more than their "normal" folding tire counterparts. Additional benefits of the new Schwalbe Tubeless generation: Reduced rolling resistance stronger sidewall, easier assembly.

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