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New: Marathon Dureme. The long distance runner


New: Marathon Dureme. The long distance runner
The new Marathon Dureme epitomizes – as its name suggests - extreme longevity and durability. Schwalbe has now filled the gap in its Marathon Evolution Line tires with a versatile tire for enthusiastic everyday and touring cyclists.
Marathon Dureme

Schwalbes new rain racer: Ultremo Aqua

Schwalbes new rain racer: Ultremo Aqua

Grip is the priority: Schwalbe’s new Ultremo Aqua is the specialist in competition on wet and slippery roads.

Fat Albert is back


Although now nearly ten years old Fat Albert is still one of the most popular Mountain bike tires and it was one of the first large volume, light weight tire. Fat Albert grips and performs in any terrain – either dry, or wet. Providing maximum safety with the greatest possible riding enjoyment.

Ground Control for Rocket Ron


Rocket Ron is a new MTB racer and a super-light (410 grams) competition rocket with astonishing grip. In May ’08 Sabine Spitz rode the rocket to her European title championship success in St. Wendel.

New Touring tires from Schwalbe


Two „Long distance“ additions have been made to the now ten member Marathon family. Both are successors to the „Globetrotting“ Marathon XR: The high tech, folding Marathon Extreme and the Marathon Plus Tour with substantially more „Flat-less“ Technology.

Furious Fred! The fastest MTB-Tire ever


Nothing rolls as fast: The autumn shows will see Schwalbe launch the Furious Fred tire for Cross Country and Marathon. The U-block shoulder lugs are revolutionary: They are positioned against the direction of rotation in order to have more cornering control.

Radical change for Racing Ralph

At this year’s Interbike show Schwalbe is presenting a completely new Racing Ralph for Cross Country and Marathon. The U-block shoulder lugs are revolutionary: They are positioned against the direction of travel in order to provide more cornering control.

New Spike tires


Well spiked for icy roads. Marathon Winter rolls onto the market just in time for the cold season. The spike version of the popular Marathon series could help spike tires in general break-through into the cycling mainstream, as Marathon is the most sold branded tire in Europe.

World first: Marathon Supreme


An extremely densely woven fabric made from Vectran protects the new top of the line touring tire - Marathon Supreme. It's High Density Vectran Guard (HD-V) uses a patented weaving technology more puncture resistant than any other textile used in bicycle tire technology.

Downhill with Intermediate Profile


Schwalbe's new intermediate Downhill tire - Muddy Mary - is a tire for all seasons. It grips well in both mud and on hard trails.

A HOT tire for fast riders


The fastest Marathon ever.
Everything is optimized for speed. Qualifier Compound and sporty, light sidewalls make the Marathon Racer extremely flexible and minimizes rolling resistance. The low weight is noticeable with every pedal stroke.

Cruising in Cream with Fat Frank


Made for drop-dead gorgeous Cruisers.
A classic motorcycle tire and cutting-edge BMX tire come together in this innovative form. Technically one hundred percent equal to the Big Apple.

Lightest competition tire for BMX Racing


Super-fast tire for BMX Racing.
At only 330 grams it is fast on the track and tenacious in curves. The tread is designed for the sole purpose of racing.

Triple Compound MTB Tire


Nobby Nic, the new competition tire for extreme conditions, is the world's first MTB tire with a triple compound tread. By using three different rubber compounds in a single tire a new symbiosis of high grip, low rolling resistance and durability has been achieved.

Marathon: the newest generation


20 years of Marathon: To celebrate its anniversary, Bohle has treated its legendary, long distance runner to a full makeover. Inside and out the fourth generation of the Marathon incorporates the very latest in tire technology.

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