Triple Compound MTB Tire

Nobby Nic, the new competition tire for extreme conditions, is the world's first MTB tire with a triple compound tread. By using three different rubber compounds in a single tire a new symbiosis of high grip, low rolling resistance and durability has been achieved. This tire from Schwalbe is sure to become a benchmark in innovation for 2006.

A world first: Triple Compound MTB Tire

Nobby Nic complements the Racing Ralph really well. Because when it comes to deep, muddy terrain where the tendency is for wheels to spin, "knobby" Nic intervenes and bites firmly through thick mud. Nobby Nic is not simply a strange sounding, faddy name; it incorporates truly innovative tire technology.

The latest addition to the exclusive Evolution Line is a world first MTB tire with triple compound. Markus Hachmeyer, Schwalbe technician and MTB racer, described the philosophy of the Evolution Line. "Evolution is defined as constant development and improvement. Triple compound is the next stage in the development of tire technology". By using a triple compound Schwalbe has achieved new levels of high grip, low rolling resistance and durability. At the same time the tire is remarkably light due to its innovative, weight-saving construction.

The Schwalbe technicians positioned the three rubber compounds exactly where their strengths are needed. The centre tread uses Off-road Racing Compound that is characterised by good traction and durability. Maximum Grip Compound is used on the tire shoulders, supplying the necessary cornering grip to the outer lugs and where its "sticky" characteristics give more grip in wet conditions and fast cornering. Beneath both of the tread compounds lies a layer of the easy rolling Qualifier Compound. "It would not have been possible to optimise these three features with just one rubber mixture", explained Hachmeyer

Besides its innovative compounds the tire contains other interesting features: The serrations on the shoulder lugs increase the cornering grip and large gaps between all lugs ensure a good self-cleaning action.

In addition to the compounds, the rolling resistance is further improved by use of the reduced thread angle, Evolution carcass. While almost all standard carcass designs thread angles form diamond patterns, in Evolution tires they form squares. These squares make the carcass much more flexible which results in a far greater volume of surface contact. The consequences are: Improved absorption as well as more grip and road holding. "This flexible carcass reduces rolling resistance by approximately ten per cent", something that Markus Hachmeyer has proved in tests.

Nobby Nic front, Racing Ralph rear
In mixed terrain riding conditions pairing Nobby Nic with Racing Ralph can form an unbeatable combination. Racing Ralph's strength is on the rear wheel where rolling resistance is of particular importance as 60 to 70 per cent of the load is there. Nobby Nic is exactly the right choice for the front wheel where the tire should grip well, have good traction for braking and cornering, especially in softer conditions.

Nobby Nic comes in 1.80, 2.10, 2.25 and 2.40 widths (weights: 410, 495, 570, 635 grams) and the three narrow widths are also available in UST. Cross Country to light Freeride are the purposes for which it is best suited. The tire is available at specialised bicycle dealers from 2006.

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