Nobby Nic 2010 - Fine tuning for Schwalbes Allgrounder

It is the European market’s most successful MTB tire of recent times: Nobby Nic. Now Schwalbe has improved it even more.

There are no areas off-limits: Marathon, All Mountain, Cross Country and even in 4X Nobby Nic works well. Mountain bike Olympic champion, Sabine Spitz is a fan: "I always have the right tire on my bike with Nobby Nic. For me it is a perfect allround tire and in any situation it has enough grip and rolls well".

When introduced in 2005 Nobby Nic was the world’s first tire that used three rubber mixtures ? Triple Compound. Schwalbe has now taken the opportunity to selectively revise its MTB racer with important features. "The new Nobby Nic has not had wholesale changes, but rather a fine tuning in all the significant places", said Schwalbe Technician, Markus Hachmeyer.

Phase shifted blocks:

By varying the block position into profile clusters the grip has been positively improved, as has durability.


The construction has been trimmed to reduce weight by around 30 grams, from 570 to 540 grams in size 26 x 2.25(57-559).


The more sturdy lugs provide better propulsion, braking traction and more stability in curves.


The lugs are more highly pronounced, so the tire presents a more positive profile. As a consequence of the larger tread area the individual lugs wear down less quickly.

Cut resistance:

The side walls are now rubberized and thus better protected from damage in tough conditions.

Steering & Handling:

A new, unidirectional arrangement of the centre blocks. Now both front and rear tires can be fitted facing in the same direction of travel. The front facing open U-blocks can now be used to full advantage on the rear wheel.

Triple Nano Compound (since 2008):

The differentiation of the three compounds has made possible a new maximization of performance. Nano particles and new polymers improve rolling resistance by 15 per cent when compared with the previous Triple Compound.

Sabine Spitz: "More bite, more grip and even better response" "The sum of these innovations becomes quite apparent with the response felt when braking and in curves", said Hachmeyer. "We are certain that the new generation Nobby Nic will be just as successful as the old version".

MTB professionals such as Alexander Pscheidl, team manager and rider with German team Texpa-Simplon, confirm this: "The new Nobby Nic is super ? it is clearly better balanced and has a higher maximum threshold. Besides which, the upper limit is much easier to feel. The tire rolls fast, is not too heavy and has infinitely more grip".

Sabine Spitz added: "The new Nobby Nic has had its best features optimized and above all its wet grip has been clearly improved. The rearranged tread lugs have more bite, improved self-cleaning action and the shoulders are more stable than its predecessor. The new Nobby Nic gives one a much safer riding feeling".

Schwalbe’s new Nobby Nic will be available in bike stores by the end of 2009. There are Double Defense, SnakeSkin and Tubeless versions in various color-ways 26 x 2.25.

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