New Spike tires

Well spiked for icy roads

Marathon Winter rolls onto the market just in time for the cold season. The spike version of the popular Marathon series could help spike tires in general break-through into the cycling mainstream, as Marathon is the most sold branded tire in Europe. The Marathon Winter offers full control on icy-smooth roads - even in extreme cornering and under violent braking it is easy to control. Ridden at the minimum indicated tire pressure the spikes grip best of all.

Schwalbe also has a new winter tire for Mountain-bikes: The new Ice Spiker Pro is the turbo of spiked tires. With 361 pins it bites firmly through ice. Wolfram-carbide claws are surrounded by a light weight body of aluminum. The 695 gram sporty, low weight of the Ice Spiker Pro allows Mountain-bike riding to remain fast and agile.

Incidentally: In Germany bicycle tires with spikes are permitted on roads, in contrast to car tires!


Schwalbe spikes generally have a core made of extremely hardwearing tungsten carbide. The base is fully galvanized steel.
For more grip the spikes of the Ice Spiker Pro have an even stronger core made of Wolfram Carbide, one of the hardest known materials. For reasons of weight reduction spike bases and cladding are of light weight aluminum.