Downhill with Intermediate Profile

Schwalbe's new intermediate Downhill tire - Muddy Mary - is a tire for all seasons. It grips well in both mud and on hard trails.

Schwalbe developed this Downhill tire in cooperation with ten time German Downhill champion Marcus Klausmann. Asking the questions: What is required from a Downhill tire? How can it master the challenges of high speed on hard trails and good grip on shale or deep mud? Because a Downhiller usually encounters several extremes of terrain during each outing.

The idea of Muddy Mary originated from Motocross where Intermediate tires are the current trend. Marcus Klausmann, who is also an active Motocross rider, explained: "Intermediate tires can do both: Grip well in deep mud and roll fast on hard ground." So far the problem has always been that either the high lugs that clawed well into soft terrain broke off on hard or rocky areas, or else tires rolled perfectly in dry conditions but had insufficient tread depth to grip sufficiently in mud.

Muddy Mary was specially designed as an intermediate Downhill tire and Schwalbe has created and combined a number of new features, in order to perfect the required intermediate characteristics.

  • Lug layout:

    The lugs face forward, against the drive direction and so offer more cornering grip and control. Wide lug spacing provides great traction and good self-cleaning action.

  • SnakeSkin:

    Flexible SnakeSkin strengthens the sidewall without increasing weight.

  • Dual Compound:

    The sticky and grippy "Gooey Gluey" compound lies on top of the easy rolling Qualifier Compound.

  • Double carcass ("Dual Casing"):

    Offers increased protection.

  • Apex Technology:

    Used in car tires, it is a special rubber bead reinforcement that primarily adds side stability, but as a bi-product protects against Snake Bites.

Muddy Mary is suitable for 90 per cent of all Downhill trails", summarised Klausmann. "For me its the ideal, all-round competition tire."

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