A HOT tire for fast riders

For riders that like to “put some heat into it”, we'd like to introduce the Marathon Racer. Thanks to the technology developed and used on our Road Racing tires, this folding City tire rolls not only fast and easily, but safely.

Every-day cyclists, Fitness-bikers and Bike couriers will thrill at the fact that with each startup, say from traffic light to traffic light, you can feel the acceleration, and lightness of the Marathon Racer. These tires are particularly interesting on the new, easy rolling trekking bikes. "Speed Trekking", the newest trend, also favors this sporty yet comfortable tire. More and more manufacturers are bringing Trekking bikes into the weight class of 10 to 14 kilograms and materials such as aluminium and carbon as well as extra light wheel sets are being used to save weight.

The Marathon Racer is a logical choice to shave off some extra grams:
In the size 35-622 (700 x 35C) the Marathon Racer weighs in at only 415 grams, 230 grams less than the standard Marathon 37-622 (700 x 35C). With light wheels and extra-light Schwalbe tubes, you have at least two pounds less mass on your wheels to bring into rotation compared to conventional Trekking bikes and Tires.

To compliment real speed, Schwalbe utilized a super-easy rolling rubber compound that is also used on their racing tires. The puncture protection of this new Marathon was derived from a road racing tire and the RaceGuard® (India rubber and nylon fabric) protects well against punctures and affects the rolling friction only slightly.

The Marathon Racer is available exclusively as Folding tire: It can be folded up easily to bag size.

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Marathon Racer