Marathon Mondial for expeditions

It is the successor to the legendary Marathon XR touring tire. And Schwalbe's latest version, the Marathon Mondial, carries on the Marathon's 26 year long tradition of developing tires for extreme cycle touring, using the very latest technology - Triple Compound and patented puncture protection.

"The Marathon Mondial is the ultimate touring tire", said Schwalbe Product Manager, René Marks, who has himself clocked up over ten thousand kilometers. The Marathon Mondial incorporates everything necessary in a touring tire: Extreme durability, puncture protection and low rolling resistance.

The profile already hints at the seemingly endless asphalt and off-road distances. The closely spaced centre tread rolls easily along on streets, while, just like a mountain bike tire, the side blocks afford traction and grip on dirt roads. The tread has a dynamic and modern look too.

The Marathon Mondial owes its long-lasting durability to its rubber mixture. In order to optimize contradictory technical properties Schwalbe combines compounds like no other manufacturer, targeting particluar areas to their respective requirements. The Marathon Mondial has "State of the Art" TravelStar Triple Compound. Under the tread centre lies an elastic mixture for easy rolling, while there is a grippy rubber compound, for cornering traction on the tire´s shoulder. In the middle of the tread an abrasion-resistant, harder compound offers low rolling resistance for thousands of miles.
Unpredictable gravel roads and potholes, acacia thorns: these are the treacherous tire killers. Protection may come down to the smallest of margins such as the durability of the rubber mixture. The lightweight extremely densely woven High Density puncture protection belt reliably protects against punctures and ruptures. The light but sturdy "Snakeskin" protection provides maximum reinforcement against sharp objects that would otherwise cut the sidewall.
"Its rugged durability and comfortable riding characteristics make it the perfect tire for extreme bike tours as well as on the Weser cycle path" adds Product Manager Marks.

"Bike-nomad" Tilmann Waldthaler who has toured hundreds of thousands of miles on all continents adds, "Over 90% of all Extreme cycling tourists go with the Schwalbe Marathon." Well, he should know.
The Marathon Mondial also caters for the long distance e-biker as it carries the "E-Bike Ready" logo. For the budget conscious there is the Marathon Mondial wired performance version with RaceGuard puncture resistant fabric and durable Endurance compound. Like all Schwalbe products the new Marathon Mondial is only available in bicycle shops.

26 years of The Marathon- Europe´s most popular bicycle tire
The Schwalbe Marathon is the best selling bike tire in Europe and is one of the few tires today that is specifically requested for by the bicycle industry. In 1982 a Globetrotter tested the first prototypes and in 1985 the first Marathon tire was named and introduced to the trade. Schwalbe was the first manufacturer to bring everyday quality tires to the market. Today, the ever growing family of tires includes nine models including the "flat-less" Marathon Plus.

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